Isaac Young Hazing Victim Says Teammates Sexually Assaulted Him in Locker Room

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Isaac Young Hazing Victim Says Teammates Sexually Assaulted Him in Locker Room

December 01, 2012 - 00:37

Lou Hazing StoryNEW YORK, NY -- CBS 2 News is reporting that the 12-year old student at the center of a hazing scandal involving the football team at the Isaac E. Young Middle School was sexually assaulted by teammates and continues to be the focus of bulling and harassment at the school. The assaults were described by the boy as "an initiation".

Reporter Lou Young interviewed the 7th-grader and his mother for a report that originally aired on Channel 2 at 6 p.m. Friday.

The investigation at the school began after the mother came forward with a complaint. The boy's mother says she was not aware that the police had been contacted until news reports this week made mention of police involvement. The failure of police to speak to the boy or the mother, both complaining witnesses, raises serious questions about the nature of the investigation conducted by Detective Ray Andolina.

The school district put out a statement yesterday saying that "a thorough investigation was launched by the principal that involved the New Rochelle Police Department" and that police "determined that no criminal activity had taken place". New Rochelle police Detective Capt. Joseph Schaller said the incident was described to police as “towel whipping".

During the broadcast, CBS 2 News aired disturbing photographs of bruises on the boys chest and arms.

The boy says 8th-graders on the football team pull his shirt up and twisted his nipple. The bruises on his arms were for past assaults by his teammates.

Young reported that the 8th-graders preyed on the younger kids in an unsupervised locker room. The boy says the older boys pushed him into the corner at which point the assaults turned sexual.

"They just started humping me." said the victim. Asked by Young if the assault was sexual the boy said "yes".

The boy says he felt "Nasty" and "Disgusted".

The mother told Young that she believes the school district is not taking the hazing incidents seriously enough and that she no longer feels her son is safe.

The school district recently passed amendments to the district's Code of Conduct to bring the district inline with the Dignity for All Students Act or "DASA". The act is intended to strengthen anti-bullying policies at schools and set up clear guidelines and protocols on how school district employees, all "mandated reporters" under New York State law, respond to allegations of bullying.

The mother has claimed that her initial complaint to a coach on the football team was ignored. A complaint to a second coach was referred to Administrative Dean Daniel Gonzales who took the matter to Principal Dr. Anthony Bongo who then contacted New Rochelle Police Detective Ray Andolina of the department's Youth Bureau.

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I was a student at Isaac Young Junior High School from 1962-1965. Even then, it was right out of the "Blackboard Jungle," complete with bathroom shakedowns, locker room and cafeteria fistfights and the unofficially scheduled "fight of the day" after class in the driveway which leads to Church Street.
Tenured teachers spend their days reading the newspaper; the music teacher put an LP on the record player and disappeared for the rest of the period. I was punched by a teacher for not being a member of his ethnic group.
It has always been a shitty dump.


This really upsets me because I am a parent of not one but two children of this school.

I am just really upset because what is going on with the administration at this school.

I am very surprised on how none of the parents were notified of this matter.

It is a shame on how the only way we find out about thinks that go on in the school is find it on the internet.

It is the responsibility of the administration to contact all parents of any matters that is going on within that school, and to assure that our children are safe.

These are the people that we have appointed the well being of our children's lives with from the hours of 7:45 AM - 3:00 pm.

I think it is time that we as parent's step up a complain about the administration within this school.

It is time for a change at Issac E. Young.