Isaac Young Students Raising Funds to Support Staten Island Middle School Hit by Sandy


The Emerald Knight Brigade at the Isaac E. Young Middle School has undertaken efforts to support the students at the Totten Middle School in Staten Island, NY.

The students will be collecting money and gift cards from building supply retailers like Home Depot to make purchases to assist in relief efforts for the families of the Totten Middle School.

The fundraising effort will continue until Friday, December 14th

If you wish to donate money/gift cards call 914-576-4362 or 914-576-4345

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MichelCleark (not verified) on Mon, 12/10/2012 - 08:04
Title: Great work..

Rising a funds for Sandy affected people will surely help them to get recover from their loss and help to develop their houses and other things as well. I appreciate students work and will surely help them if needed.