Its Official: BOE off by nearly 40% on tax increase!

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Its Official: BOE off by nearly 40% on tax increase!

October 29, 2010 - 16:01

That's right! We voted on a school budget that was supposed to increase our taxes by 3.8% and I've compared my tax bill from last to this year and guess what, the school tax actually went up 5.218%.

That's 37.32% higher than the 3.8% increase we voted for and a good reason NOT to beleive the numbers that come from the BOE next year. This is nothing new for the BOE and has been going on for years just nobody's held the BOE accountable.

Most homeowners/taxpayers have no idea what their paying in taxes becasue the city doesn't/won't mail the invoices to you, they send the bills to your lender who is most likely escrowing for your taxes. If your not escrowing or have paid off your mortgage, your probably paying the property taxes yourself and therefore receive the bill and know the harsh reality yourself. Seems to me that the city has an interest in keeping the citizens in the dark so excesses like this are harder to expose. Why else wouldn't they send copies of tax bills to the citizenry?

I'm sure the school district is going to blame someone or something for this, but we keep electing the board members with the same mind set again and again and again so we deserve what we get.

Remember who's been running the show in New Rochelle as you vote on Tuesday! We need change!