Journal News creates map of Gun Owners (name and address)

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Journal News creates map of Gun Owners (name and address)

December 24, 2012 - 21:33

The Journal News has sunk to a new low. They created a digital map of gun permit owners with their name and address on an interactive map. It serves absolutely no purpose other than to announce to criminals what houses have a gun and which don't have hand guns. So if you're looking to invade a home, a gun fee home would be a good choice and if you're looking to steal a gun, well you know where to go.

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Who'd be dumb enough to subscribe to this inconsequential leftist rag, in the first place?

i would like to urge all legal gun owner's to please cancel any subscription's to show that we won't be bullied by the press.

A legal, law abiding pistol license holder is not a convicted sexual predator, who has lost the right to anonymity, and is registered on the sexual offender database.

In the case that you might want to exchange this earth shattering information, personally, with the publisher of The Journal News, her name is Janet Hasson.

Janet and her family live at 3 Gate House Lane in Mamaroneck N.Y. Gate House Lane is off of Old White Plains Rd. about four blocks in from Griffen Avenue, if you're traveling up from Weaver St.

It's hard to miss this rather ugly beige painted brick faux-modern two story house, with two white pillars in the front.

Second in on the left.

Maybe she'd like to explain herself to her neighbors in person. If not, you can reach Janet and her family, at 914-525-1923

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Have fun!

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Thank you Mike Scully for posting the information on Janet Hasson. I hope that people run her and her family out of the neighborhood. There was no reason to post information on people that have a pistol license. That is no one's business. She out to spend her time doing something worth while like doing articles on how stupid No Bama is, articles about people coming into our country and getting freebies while the American people work their asses off to make it, and other news that is worth while. Or maybe she ought to do an article on how stupid she is.

It serves the purpose of the public interest*. Regardless of threats to boycott and cancel subscriptions, ect., people are curious of who owns guns in their neighborhood, especially parents in a liberal area. Gun accidents are rare (pool deaths are more likely) but I'm willing to bet parents still, perhaps giving the danger a higher weight than they should, want to know.

My point is less to take a position on the article (I still don't actually know my own.... less concerned about violent home invasions which are already really rare and more that people may react to the info poorly, the same way sex offenders have been sometimes terrorized and of course gun owners haven't even committed a crime) but simply to say that there is a ton of public interest and I'm sure that The Journal News is taking the increased traffic the article generated to the bank and for every angry commenter, there are a ton of people zooming into their neighborhood.

*public interest meaning what the public is interested in not perse the broader public interest as in what is good for society

Shotguns and rifles do not require a permit so the owners are not on the list unless they also posses a pistol permit. So what is the purpose of the interactive map other than a few Journal News employees that thought they were being "savvy journalists". A business that has a central alarm system is also required to have a permit. Would an interactive map of businesses that have alarm systems tied to police stations be ok to publish? Would the businesses that are not on the list be preferred targets of criminals? The Journal news has done a great disservice to the residents of Westchester, Rockland and soon to be Putnam Counties. The Journal news has put citizens in danger.

Fair point RE: the major loophole on shotguns and rifles. Still gives readers and people fearful of guns some info.

Still disagree a bit on the alarm analogy just because violent home invasion is so rare already. (argument could be made that possibility that someone may have a gun is part of that but the deterrence effect has always been questionable, and even if true, most Westchester criminals can play the odds that a typical resident of this area of the country is unlikely to carry)

The unfair stigma of gun ownership and the potential of criminals to rob gun owners (esp. since our state gun laws make it hard for them to buy) are good arguments against publication.

Robert Cox's picture

Map: Where are the Journal News employees in your neighborhood?

Given the heightened interest in the Journal News since the paper published a map pinpointing the homes of people with pistol permits, we have published our own map pinpointing the homes of people who work for the Journal News. This is journalism.

Way to go Tom! Owners in NC are with you.