Kevin Williams 10-13-86 9-18-10 R.I.P.

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Kevin Williams 10-13-86 9-18-10 R.I.P.

October 14, 2010 - 15:01

On September 27th, the Williams held a memorial service for Kevin Williams. The Davis Funeral Home was packed with bereaved friends, family and community members there to support the family. There were many moving moments during the service the highlight of which was a eulogy by Pastor Ben McKnight. There was a display of photos of Kevin Williams and his family near the casket.

NOTE: The above video contains an audio recording of Pastor McKnight's eulogy with details from the photo display, both presented with permission. The recording and photography conditions were not optimal so we apologize in advance for the quality of the audio and video; if you have trouble hearing the audio try using headphones.

The Williams family provided material to guests including an obituary and "In Memoriam".


Kevin S. Williams, a loving and caring father, brother, son, and grandson, died on Saturday, September 18, 2010 following a cowardly attack in downtown New Rochelle.

A lifelong Westchester resident, Kevin was born in Yonkers, New York on October 13, 1986 to Beverly Williams and Kevin Stewart. In his formative years, Kevin was active in the Baptist Church and began his appreciation for "the technical side of things". He was a proud graduate of New Rochelle High School followed by a period of study in computer technology at the DeVry University. This love of computer technology combined with his abilities in hi-tech musical recording became his true calling.

Kevin is survived by his daughter, Arralyn Faith, age 4 years; his aforementioned parents; one aunt, Denise and one uncle, Luther; grandparents, Joan and Desmond Williams; one sister, Naima and three brothers, Dashawn, Shamiek and Troy. He is further survived by
nieces, nephews, other relatives and many dear and loyal friends.


Dear family, dear old and new friends we are here to say a farewell to our beloved Kevin, loving, devoted and loyal father, brother, son, grandson, and friend. These thoughts are from us, all who knew and loved Kevin. These thoughts are part of the love and sorrow that we all feel.

Kevin, we want to say thank you for all the love you have given us. Your caring, your guidance, your unselfish interest in our well-being. There are so many good memories, which remain with us from your childhood to adulthood, foremost of which is the mutual love
and respect of family and friends. We will always remember your constant smile and your helpful and protective presence. These memories will extend forever.

How does one say thank you for being with us for over two decades. It is through these memories that our love for you is bonded forever. Yet we know this is not our last farewell but a brief goodbye on the eternal road .You have now received your reward for living a life of loving and giving. We truly love and miss you ...we will never forget you...Again, Kevin, we love you and we will be with you one of these days...Goodbye for now...

"...Hear my laughter and see my smile. I have just gone across to a beautiful place. Just live with my love,

For I am there, don't you fear. I did not say goodbye, For I am not gone..."

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Several days later Kevin's grandmother and sister were interviewed by Jim Killorin on WVOX.

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