Latimer's Horrible Voting Record!

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Latimer's Horrible Voting Record!

October 11, 2012 - 04:06

Check out link to learn more about George Latimer:

Why is one of the worst elected officials in Westchester trying to get a promotion?

Does Latimer think the voters are all dumb and will not review his horrible voting record:

--Latimer voted against NYS property tax cap!
--Latimer voted against pension reform!
--Latimer voted for the MTA tax!
--Latimer eliminated New Rochelle's property tax cap!
--Latimer used $30,000 is campaign donations for personal meals!
--Latimer tried to sneak through legislation to knock down the New Rochelle Armory!
--Latimer claims to be for term limits but has become a career politician in office for 25 years straight!
--Latimer is a rubber stamp vote for Sheldon Silver and left-wing NYC Democrats - voting with Silver 99% of the time!

Why is anyone voting for Latimer? He has the most anti-taxpayer record of any incumbent in Westchester.

Westchester is highest taxed county in country thanks to career politicians like Latimer.

Please share this important information with all your friends!

There are 2 Comments

I'm glad the New Rochelle GOP is getting this important information out to the public. The Latimer campaign is one complete and utter lie. When I get his mailings it is like they are talking about a completely different person. This 25 year career politician has got to go - he has lost all sense of reality. I will be proudly voting for Cohen!

New Rochelle has major budget problems and we badly need a Republican in majority of State Senate to make sure we start getting our fair share of state aid. This election is so important to NR's future. Every rational thinking person in our city must vote for Cohen! Sending another weak, partisan & liberal Democrat like Latimer to Senate will be final nail in New Rochelle's coffin.