Letter to the Editor from a Former New Rochelle Resident "sorry about my old home town"

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Letter to the Editor from a Former New Rochelle Resident "sorry about my old home town"

February 24, 2011 - 22:47

I received this email today and asked permission to share it with readers.

Dear Mr. Cox,

I lived in New Rochelle from my birth in [the 1940's] to the 60s, and am sorry to hear about the threat made against you and the corruption in the NRPD. I have no idea what the city is like these days, although showing my wife my childhood geography several years ago, I noticed that the near north end of town around North Avenue and Fifth Avenue looked very dilapidated, a far cry from my memory when I attended Albert Leonard JHS (since then, City Hall) in the 50s, and that much of downtown is unrecognizable to me.

It was, I am sure, far from Camelot in my youth, but it was a happy childhood in great, affordable genteel lower middle class neighborhoods (Fifth Avenue near Sylvan Place and later State Street), and Locust Avenue at the other end.

You, in the absence of a local paper (my dad, btw, was a reporter for the old Standard-Star before I was born), appear to be doing some solid reporting on the city. I think he would be proud of your efforts.

Best regards,

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A stop on the commuter train from the twilight zone, a big part of Rob Petrie's life, a mythical place of American prosperity, safety and a presumption that all the things taught in civics was true.
Now, we know the law and law enforcers and prosecutors punish who they please, when they please. Worse, we now know they will protect who they want when they want.
Protect yourselves. No one else will.
Get a lawyer on retainer if you are a big fish, because someday they will come after you.

Put away the things of a child, for you are no longer a child.