Liveblogging Iona College Scoping Meeting at New Rochelle City Hall

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Liveblogging Iona College Scoping Meeting at New Rochelle City Hall

December 10, 2010 - 05:17


Iona is proposing the construction of a new 10-story residence hall consisting of approximately 93,434 square feet and housing approximately 393 students. The residence hall would be constructed on the site of an existing parking lot on the Iona College West Campus, adjacent to the existing Loftus residence hall.

The residence hall would include 110 units, organized into two-unit suites with shared living space and bathroom. The ground floor would include the security desk and residence units. The project would also include 16 surface parking spaces.

A Public Scoping Session will be held Thursday December 9, 2010 at 7:00PM in City Council Chambers.

For additional information, contact the Department of Development at (914) 654-2185

Some guy from the development office is explaining the process of how an Environmental Impact Study occurs over time.

Scoping is optional, a way for City to get input (lead agency is City Council)

people have 10 days to submit written comments.

trying to get people to focus on the scoping document and (presumably) express opposition to any building.

residents now getting up ignoring the scoping and expressing opposition to any building

blaming Iona College for flooding, sewage back up, harassment, noise.

resident says property values will be negatively impacted

allegation that this spot zoning

doubts that student in dorm will not bring cars

jonathan misner, prez of mt joy neighborhood assn, who wrote letter in JN reading prepared remarks--wants evaluation of cost on city infrastructure to taxpayers

it does not appear any residents here know about the arrest of Sister Susie.

woman talking about lots of cursing, yelling, air horns

scoping document does not include high school and area kids catching bus for ALMS -- thousands of kid in the area in am and afternoon

parking plan is not suffice.

Three City Council members were present last night -- Roxy Stowe, Marianne Sussman, and Richard St. Paul. Notably not present was Jared Rice who will be seated on council in a few weeks and whose district is impacted by the dorm proposal and Barry Fertel whose district is also impacted. There was a retirement party for Judge Sandy Scher last night.

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What if the developer that is working on the other section of North Ave., from I-95 to Iona, builds 4-5 story apartments for student housing. These could even be above refurbished retail. This would revitalize the downtrodden section, keep it on the tax rolls and relieve the density at Iona. This is still close enough for students to walk to school. Parking would still remain an issue, however.