Local Storm Damage to Trees and Electrical Wires Puts New Rochelle on National News


Talk of the Sound was out last night reporting on the storm. @EyeonNewRoc tweeted out scanner traffic and went with @RobertCox to take photos and tweet.

As many readers know, all of the local media outlets follow both @EyeonNewRoc and @TalkoftheSound on Twitter which explains how CBS News learned of the tree down on Coligni Avenue near Mount Joy Place.

The lead story on CBS This Morning was the line of heavy storms that tore through the Northeast with correspondent Vinita Nair doing a live spot from Coligni Avenue in front of the tree tangled in electrical wires.

She does say she is in "Rochester County" and that Coligni Avenue is a "major road" but other that that a good report.

Here are our tweets and photos from last night:

Scattered, minor power outages in New Rochhelle were reported to Con Edison:

Screen Shot 2014 07 09 at 12 47 30 PM

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