Machines in Library Lot hit by Vandals Again

Submitted by eye on new roc on Tue, 05/31/2011 - 14:59

LibraryParkingMeterBrokenThe parking machines in the New Rochelle Public Library lot were put out of service again, the second time in three months. Vandals used a glue-type solution, inserting into the bill readers and credit card reader. Last time the City estimated the total cost at over $10,000. When this last occurred in March, the parking machines were out of service for over a month. We will see how long it takes this time to repair so far its about two weeks already.

New Rochelle Library Parking Pay Stations Vandalized, Damage and Lack of Enforcement Will Cost City Over Ten Thousand Dollars

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Let's rename this article to: Free Library Parking!

Everyone loves free parking, that's why its on the Monopoly board.