Mahlstedt Gallery Brings Stunning Contemporary Art to New Rochelle


While many Westchester residents attended the opening reception of “Shadow Odyssey,” Mahlstedt Gallery’s current art exhibition featuring a spectrum of international contemporary artists, we’d like to once again extend the opportunity to visit “Shadow Odyssey” during the gallery’s regular hours or by appointment.

The artworks in “Shadow Odyssey” comprise ideas about perception and the way in which the human spirit can leave an old identity behind to enter a new world without a concept of time. The works explore a journey through the mind’s eye, emitting ethereal experiences measured through our ability to encounter profound experiences through dreams, vision and perception.

Artists on exhibition include: Artists Included: Jared Boechler, Kendra Binney, Thomas Faustin Huisking, Weston Lambert, Jon Macadam, MALO, Ron Mineo, Gus and Lina Ocamposilva, Gary Patick, Sandra Vucicevic, David Whitlam, Jeanne Wilkinson, and Ellie Winberg.

For those of you that are not familiar, Mahlstedt Gallery prides itself on being on the forefront of the art industry, always providing quality artwork that inspires and fulfills artistic goals and inspires emotional and aesthetic dialogues. Located in the historical J.A. Mahlstedt building, the gallery exhibits a diverse collection of artwork, carefully selected to ensure each artist redefining the realm of contemporary art.

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Featured below are pictures of Shadow Odyssey’s opening reception.




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