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Man Threatens Family With Rifle, Police Cordon Off Area in Downtown New Rochelle

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Man Threatens Family With Rifle, Police Cordon Off Area in Downtown New Rochelle

January 02, 2013 - 00:41

DSC 6870NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle police have created a perimeter in the area around 759 Main Street in downtown New Rochelle, NY and are searching for a man who reportedly threatened family members with a gun -- possibly a rifle or shotgun.

All streets south of Beechwood Avenue on Main Street are closed -- Kings Highway, Cliff Street, Drake Avenue, and Allard Avenue.

Scanner reports indicate a man pointed a rifle at his mother and possible another family member and then exited the building. His whereabouts are unknown.

Residents are advised to remain away from the area.

UPDATE 849 PM - negotiator called mother's phone, went to voice mail, second call the "party of interest" picked up, police talking to him now, police hearing 2 male voices, have not heard mother. Police want to take people out one at a time. Mother does not want to come out. Suspect coming out first.

UPDATE 9:14 PM Suspect surrendered, led from building peaceably by 3 NRPD officers. Mother and second male still in the building, CIU has gone inside with K-9 unit. Suspect taken away by NRPD marked unit. Event over.

UPDATE 9:32 Lt. George Marshall says that police are still investigating but so far, despite the call that came into police, they have not found a gun. Police are treating the matter as a dispute. No one has been arrested at this time. Police are still determining the relationship between the three people - a woman and two men - in the apartment. The apartment is on the 4th floor.

Traffic in the area has been open on Main Street and side streets.

BlanchardUPDATE: 1/2 3:30 PM Steven Blanchard, 30, was charged with Menacing-2nd Degree. No bail. A gun was recovered.

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This was extremely scary. I live on the block behind the building and watching from where I was it was like a tv show. I am glad everyone is safe and I applaud the police department for their organization in keeping the area safe. I was told by two police officers to stay in my apartment and do not come out.


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