Mandarin Meltdown II: Former New Rochelle Schools Mandarin Teacher Threatens Legal Action Against Talk of the Sound

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Mandarin Meltdown II: Former New Rochelle Schools Mandarin Teacher Threatens Legal Action Against Talk of the Sound

October 24, 2012 - 03:55

Over the weekend, Ms. Altman became convinced, for reasons that are not clear, that we had removed the second article from Talk of the Sound (we had not) which triggered the following exchange which includes insults, crude language and various threats. Her conduct in these emails would certainly support her termination by the New Rochelle Board of Education but raises questions about such a person could be hired in the first place.

On Oct 21, 2012, at 10:49 PM, hui altman wrote:

Mr. Cox:
The article from my part is disappeared online.
What happened????????????????
Are you work for New Rochelle Public School or Are you a real journalist?????????????
If anyone Goolges me, the first thing comes out is the article that your first writing "Mandarin meltdown..."
It is a very damaging article to my career, and it is FUCKY untrue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you can change my daughter's picture to mine, if you can delete the article based on interviewing me,
you can definitely delete this FUCKY "Mandarin Meltdown..." article!
Now, I am asking you nicely to delete this stupid article about me immidiately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or else, you will pay a big price for what you wrote about me.
You FUCKY low life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You couldn't put a real address for your "Company"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You used a resturant address for your "company". What kind of low life are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You Fucky peice of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will find you if you do not delete that article, and you will pay for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FUCK you!!!! You're a piece of garbage, lair and low life !!!!!!!!!!!

Hui Altman

On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 8:11 AM, Robert Cox wrote:

Ms. Altman,

The article was, is and will remain online.

Robert Cox

On Oct 22, 2012, at 10:38 AM, hui altman wrote:

I am asking you to delete the "Madarin Meltdown" article immidiately!!!!!

On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 11:25 AM, Robert Cox wrote:

Ms. Altman,

We have been through this already. I do not remove articles because someone does not like them. The article accurately recounts information from the New Rochelle Police Department. If you have an issue with what they provided to me I suggest you contact the police or the school district.

After your initial complaint, I offered to report the incident from your point of view and have done that. You seem to believe that I removed that second article. That is not the case as I have indicated. As you can see, the second article remains online.

Please be aware that I take your threats seriously and will respond accordingly if they continue.

Robert Cox

On Oct 22, 2012, at 2:01 PM, hui altman wrote:

Then give me your real address! If you don't give me your real address, I will find you piece of shit.
Don't act like a cowerd. I will find you to go court. You will pay a big priece for this article!!!!
I have the police report. They never mentioned "Mandarin Meltdown: teacher was taken away with a stretcher..."
You made thids stupid title and it is just NOT true!!!!!!!!
A real journalist tells true! If you have the ability to remove this article, but you don't want to do so, you are in trouble.
I will take you to court!!!!!!!! It is NOt a thread!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Altman

I have sought to address your concerns. I updated my original article and wrote a second article with your side of the story.

As you have now threatened legal action, I am going to discontinue any further communications with you and ask that your attorney contact me.


Robert Cox

Altman did not stop sending emails but I am no longer responding to her. Stay tuned.

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It has not been a good week to highlight RIchard Organisciak's Human Resources Department's hiring skills. I would think that hiring a teacher to work in New Rochelle's schools would have a minimun requirement of "must be able to communicate in standard written English." WTFucky is going on?

Great comment...I never agreed more...and I still can't stop laughing!

Maybe you should go work for the board of education since you know how to spell. We need some good people.

Having read Ms. Altman's email tirade I hate to cross the line of racial acceptance but I have the feeling from reading her writing that Mr. O may have hired her at the local take out when he was picking up his Chicken with Kung Po sauce.
Where do they get these people from.

Robert Cox's picture

If her goal was to convince a judge that the school district made up the information provided to the police that she went on a tirade and threatened to kill herself then the profanity-laced email packed with threats is not likely to help.

Bob...You are right...If this broad can't figure out that you are an advocate then I say the hell with her!

Some teacher...she can't even spell!!!

I can't believe that this women was teaching our children at school!!! Where did she come from? This is just crazy!!

This is so funny...I can't stop laughing!

Where do they get these people? I swear are they kept under lock and key and when one dosen't work out they let another out???

This is worst then the Twilight Zone!!!

I believe the word is spelled "doesn't" and I think you meant "worse".

Glass houses...

Spell check? Ha, ha, ha!!!!

She was a terrible teacher anyway, it was a good thing she was fired on the spot.