Map: Where are the Muslims in your neighborhood?

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Map: Where are the Muslims in your neighborhood?

December 27, 2012 - 23:03

Although the vast majority of Muslims are law abiding citizens, you never know when one may snap and become a Jihadist. It's better to be safe and let neighbors know who is a practicing Muslim so their neighbors can watch them for any suspicious or strange behavior. The Journal News is now collecting this information and it will be come available shortly. CynDee Royle Lambert, editor of the Journal News, has also suggested that Muslims where a golden letter M on their outer clothing in order to identify them when they are in public. More info to come.

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I have no idea who "Tom Jeferstahl" is, but shame on him, and shame on Robert Cox for publishing his anti-religious, anti-Americn BULLSHIT.

Both men are pigs, and should leave our country, our United States, and go to some craphole of a third world hellhole, and live theirt miserable, misanthropic, unamerican livews, hopefully short.

And then go right to Hell.

I'm Bill Mullen, you rats.

Never heard of you, Bill. Sorry.

I'm Bill Mullen, you rats.

The leftist union guy? I recognized the bad grammar and bad spelling.

Do you not know how to read?

First of all, the author was saying that LoHud was going to publish that list.

Second, the author was trying to point out how wrong it was for LoHud to publish the names of gun owners by having one consider one's reaction if "Muslims" were substituted for "gun owners."

If you just came to rant because you hate Bob, and you will use any nonsensical item to do so, then just stop reading his site.

When you can not make a logical coherent argument on an issue, just devolve into name calling and threats.

The bullies always have to louder and more base than their targets.

It never ceases to amaze me how when liberals get worked up over something they disagree with, the name calling starts right now!! Whatever happened to tolerance and attempts to understand? Guess when the shoe is on the other foot, it doesn't fit so well..........

Actually the Journal should publish the location of white men because you never know.

There are no Muslims in my neighborhood- we have "annointed" every single door frame, window sill, and driveway entry with small bacon smears, and let it be known.
It works like a charm- if a Muslim touches pork or bacon (according to their superstitious beliefs) they are banned from Heaven.

They also don't drink beer or like to see naked sick is THAT?