Marty Daly: P.T.A. ... F.U.S.E. ...Non-Resident ....No Kids .... You Get It?

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Marty Daly: P.T.A. ... F.U.S.E. ...Non-Resident ....No Kids .... You Get It?

July 21, 2009 - 23:14

9B3DAE76-CFB3-417A-89C2-B9BD67254ADF.jpg Can you imagine anyone better suited to advocate on their childs behalf than a parent ? Is it possible to have the perspective needed if you haven't raised a child yourself , afterall , there's no substitute for experience . Then how in the world does Martian Daly wind up as the president of the PTA ? Doesn't that seem odd ? What does he do , call his mother for advice ?

-Why does Martian Daly teach only one class ?

-How does Martian Daly justify the needs of the PTA and the needs of the union members of the district?

-Should the purpose of the PTA be combined with the growth of the unions ?

-Unions , by nature , expect growth and strength , who keeps that in check ?

-Why are the children the last priority in the FUSE mission statement?

-How is it that FUSE campaigns for BoE candidates ?

-Who gives FUSE the right to be involved in approving BoE candidates ? There has been NO-ONE from outside of the inbred circle of the union who has EVER had the least amount of support , but if you bend over and spout the union line , your support will be endless . How will anybody ever have a chance for reform ?

Doesn't anyone else see the conflict here ? I'm trying not to spell it out because it would be much better for all of you to come to the conclusion on your own .

I can't write as well as some of these other guys pointing this stuff out , but I do know when something smells fishy . You know that feeling when you can't quite put your finger on it , a hunch , and later on , when it's over you say "I knew it ! " . We've all had that happen , right ? Don't wait 'till it's over , listen to that voice , something wrong is going on and we owe it to our selves to make it right . Ask questions and uncover the truth and make your voice heard .

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We should be kissing the ground he walks on let alone thanking him every single day he helps our district get through these difficult times. Thank you Marty for your continued and impeccable work you've done for New Rochelle!


Thank YOU Mrs Daly , for without you we wouldn't have young Martian's self serving , greedy , immoral , and taxpayer cheating style of operation . Unless you're a union slug , there is actually no reason for him to be in NR . Support against him increases every day as the atrocities he enables are exposed . The union is more and more hated because of this . Teachers will be questioned more , administrators will be questioned more and the quality of life the union has become accustomed to will be sold down the river by this parasite . Serving his own agenda , he has done more to hinder any improvement than any one person in the history of education . He works under cover , in the shadows like a termite , destroying the foundation of our schools . A son only a mother could love and God Will judge his ways , not me or you . So thank God ? No,no, thank YOU dolt ! Again you prove the corruption with every word you speak . You're a sad , little , person .

in addition to his tax-payer salary of over $100,000 per 10 month school year, and only teaching one class a day at IYMS, Marty is also the signator of their welfare fund, for which he gets paid too. They invest more than $3 million a year of tax payer money for pension benefits that union members get In Addition to their New York based pension. It's beautiful corruption. Keep in mind that no teacher ever gets fired in New Rochelle. They reluctantly reprimand teachers and staff, and when they do, they keep it a secret. The school administration has never been known to be transparent, and with folks like Mrs. Deutsch and Polow, they will never be since they blackmail folks who wish to be transparent.

Could that be possible ? I'm just saying , I mean everybody has something in their past , don't they ? Haven't we all done something better left unnoticed ? I know I have, but I'm not in public office, so the consequences wouldn't be as dramatic. Every saint once a sinner and every sinner once a saint . Which one are they now ?