Mistreated By Bramson For Years, Journal News Has Joined Effort To Suppress Voices Of New Rochelle African-Americans

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Mistreated By Bramson For Years, Journal News Has Joined Effort To Suppress Voices Of New Rochelle African-Americans

September 21, 2013 - 10:49

NEW ROCHELLE, NY— New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders for Justice, a local New Rochelle organization made up of several prominent African- American leaders, will hold a press conference Saturday at 1:00 p.m. in New Rochelle to demand the Journal News run a print advertisement accepted and paid for earlier this week, scheduled to run today but spiked last night by Gannett corporate.

The advertisement documents New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson’s long-standing hostility and discrimination toward Blacks in New Rochelle.


It was only after the paper was put to bed last night that New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders for Justice was notified that the newspaper wanted two words changed in the advertisement. After further discussion, a Journal News advertising executive admitted that even if the words were changed Gannett corporate had directed the Journal News not to run the ad. No explanation for corporate’s decision was provided.

“As long as I have been reading newspapers, I have never heard of a newspaper refusing to run an ad like this." said McLean, Spokesman for the Zuber Riders. “This is the kind of underhanded tactics we have seen for years from Bramson and his allies."

The Zuber Riders print ad banned by the Journal News lists the ways Noam Bramson has locked Blacks out of contracts, out of jobs, out of elected representation, even Lincoln Park, the site of one of the most important Civil Rights cases in U.S. history.

McLean said many in the New Rochelle black community have long felt bitterness and distrust for Mayor Bramson but said what galvanized the group to speak out was when the President of the NAACP, New Rochelle Chapter, was thrown out of historic Lincoln Park on September 5th.

"When they threw Ron out of Lincoln Park, that was the straw that broke the camel's back," said McLean. "We knew we couldn't remain silent anymore. People need to know what we know about Noam Bramson’s attitude towards Blacks.”

"For too long the Black community in New Rochelle has be taken for granted, violated and silenced,” said McLean. “We will not stand for it anymore. We deserve better!"

New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders for Justice will hold a press conference in Lincoln Park, across from 95 Lincoln Avenue in New Rochelle, NY on Saturday afternoon, September 21, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

On hand will be members of New Rochelle’s African-American community including Ron Williams, President of the NAACP New Rochelle Branch, Pearl Quarles, former Westchester County Legislator and former President of New Rochelle School Board. Mark McLean, Community Activist and Angelo Williams, small business owner with more being added throughout the day.

The Zuber Riders is inviting all those who believe in Free Speech and Civil Rights to be on hand as the media covers this important press conference to expose yet another example of Noam Bramson’s attempts to suppress Black voices in New Rochelle and highlight the facts contained in the ad that the Journal News refused to run.

New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders for Justice is an organization of committed community leaders who are dedicated to honoring the memory of Paul Zuber and ensuring that all Westchester County residents are aware that the struggle for Civil Rights in New Rochelle are always persistent and never forgotten. Paul Zuber was an attorney for the Lincoln school children in New Rochelle. Mr. Zuber successfully fought for integration of New Rochelle's school district.

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This should be interesting considering The Heritage Home housing development in New Rochelle, the housing project near the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Memorial Highway in New Rochelle, will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony and a carnival for the community with rides, entertainment and vendors from noon to 6 p.m. Once again, great communication from The City of New Rochelle on what is happening. No one really knew about this until we got a robo call traffic warning last night. I happened to see a card in City Hall yesterday by chance. Too late to make plans now.

This should be interesting to follow the antics of Astorino and Bramson supporters and detractors.