Mr. Noam Bramson, you want to be the "green" Mayor SYNCHRONIZES THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS!

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Mr. Noam Bramson, you want to be the "green" Mayor SYNCHRONIZES THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS!

April 02, 2013 - 18:52

How many years have I been on radio asking for this? Most of you think it is a joke. Mr. Noam Bramson, you want to be the "green" Mayor SYNCHRONIZES THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS!

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Bruce your missing the point of his green dream, streets overflowing with bicycles to fill his "bike path to nowhere" adorned with baskets of people shopping in the vast array of stores that bring interst to NR.And for those who dont wish to bike it to work or run quick errands, there is always mass transit.HE has a dream, that one day he will be out of New Rochelle so Talk of the Sound and you, wont watch his every move.

North End I hear ya. But because of our posts we are going to be labeled anti conservationist no matter that I try not to use plastic bags and actually ride the bike when I can (I use unauthorized bike routes that actually take me to a store - don't tell anybody)

One day I would like to see Mr Noam Bramson wear a golf shirt and actually ride his bike to city hall and lock it up on those award winning bike racks that the city commissioned and Ms. Sussman is so proud of.

Eliminate Carbon Emissions? Go straight to the Transit Center where 100 cars line up every 17 minutes and wait for 11 minutes at a time to exit the parking facility. There is your Greening of New Rochelle or does ICLKY (sp?) not approve of traffic flow.

The City installed a 'smart traffic system' in the recent past on the North Avenue corridor. The technology was heralded as being able to sense live traffic patterns and adjust the traffic signals accordingly. It was supposed to be replicated along Webster Ave. as well a few years later on.

The key word in your post is "supposed". Lot of talk in New Ro little proactivity unless its a garden at Ward Acres.

I don't think the North Ave synch is switched on either. The killer light is city park and potter ave.

The installed system was 'supposed' to improve the flow of traffic on the North Ave. corridor. I don't know about anyone else but I still found myself ensnared in congestion between Lincoln Ave. and the Train Station/ Huguenot Ave area traveling Southbound at varying times of the day...