The Neptune Murders by Mark Gado


NewImageWhile searching for something else on the web, I ran across this excellent account of the infamous "Neptune Murders" by Mark Gado. It is a horrific story but well told in the links below.

On Valentine's Day, February 14, 1977, Frederick William Cowan a disgruntled employee, Nazi-lover, anti-semite and racist, shot 10 people at the Neptune Worldwide Moving Company in New Rochelle, NY on the current site of the Home Depot.

Five people died at the scene including a New Rochelle Police office. A sixth person died died of their wounds weeks later.

Surrounded by 300 officers, Cowan committed suicide.

The victims were Joseph Hicks, 60; Frederick Holmes, 55; James Green, 45; and Pariyarathu Varghese, 32; and Allen McLeod, 29 (police officer)



Change of Tour


The Police

The Siege

A City Waits

The Final Assault

Picking Up the Pieces


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