New Rochelle Armory Protest Garners Extensive Media Coverage

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New Rochelle Armory Protest Garners Extensive Media Coverage

October 11, 2012 - 21:30

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His wonderful speech at the end of the city council meeting fell on deaf ears. No one listened to what he had to say. What was missing: Not one person showed up to speak in favor of his proposal for the armory. Moreover, he got his way by stacking the council in his favor and them convincing his fellow air-head democrats to vote his way.

This was a man who ignored the confines of the deed, and the circumstances in which the City came to control the armory. He forgot in his speech, to mention that it was he who wanted to level the building. And he forgot that it was the veterans and the people of this City who fought for 15 years to save this historic building. In exchange for their hard work, the veterans got a kick in the backside, Moveover so this wonderful fruit stand of his can occupy the territory right next to a McDonald's.

Great planning Mayor Dumbo. All your so called development schemes have left the City on the brink of bankruptcy with historic low levels of staffing in City Hall, the PD and the FD. I hope, when the truth comes out, of how the fruit stand proposal of yours was just a rigged scheme, your days in government end. Take the cotton out of your ears--you will be as great as Lyndon Johnson or whoever you model yourself after.

For the record, I know, and you know Mayor Dumbo, these plans for the fruit stand will be scrapped and your Good Profit cronies will be seeking to demolish the building and claim it was to costly to repair. They will then offer to replace it with a similar looking building. The new version will be nothing more than a body without a soul--just like you Dumbo.

I was at the citizen to be hear at city hall last night. I was there to support the group against Iceli (agenda 21). But I could not believe how disrespectful two city council members were. I noticed right away that SHARI RACKMAN AND BARRY R. FERTEL were not even listening to the speakers. They both were always looking down. Ms. Rackman looked like she was texting on her phone. Plus Mr. Rice look like he was in a fog and that he has something better to do.

Ms. Rackman and Mr. Fertel do you relize that we vote for you? How dare you disrespect the people of New Rochelle. Ms. Rackman is my council person and I will not VOTE for her next time.

The people of New Rochelle needs to take back the city. The mayor is adding more taxes on us, he is chasing people out of our town!! And no one I mean no one want to move to this city!!!!

We are just a stepping stone for the Mayor, he does not care for this city. The mayor will go on with his life and move forward, but will leave this town a mess. He has passed AGENDA 21 and the people of New Rochelle have no idea what this is.

OMG, last night at city hall, she was too busy to listen to anyone who had to speak!! I hope the citizens remember this when it's time to VOTE, vote Rackman out of office next time she is up for election!!! I thought predecessor was bad, but Rackman takes the prize.

Mayor looks like hell.
Needs a haircut, an eyebrow thinning and maybe a burger cause all those vegetarian meals are making him look limp, weak and vulnerable. Imagine going down with this ship the little pencil neck standing on deck going under one political bad move after the other. The proof is in the results.
Mayor gets an F over the course of his career in New Rochelle.

The same people's names keep showing up on the prosecutor's desk as a pattern of unlawful behavior swirls around new rochelle's "leadership." Eventually their hand will be caught in the "cookie jar."

>Federal investigation brewing into armory back office deals

Excellent. Perhaps Idoni II will be moving on to his reward job in White Plains sooner than expected.