New Rochelle Board of Education to Accept Resignation of Teacher Who Opined on Satan Clubs in High Schools and Whether The Illuminati is a Jewish Conspiracy

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New Rochelle Board of Education to Accept Resignation of Teacher Who Opined on Satan Clubs in High Schools and Whether The Illuminati is a Jewish Conspiracy

February 07, 2017 - 17:25

Eternal Planner YouTube Channel (Robert Rennie)

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The New Rochelle Board of Education will consider a resolution at tonight’s board meeting to replace a recently hired English teacher at New Rochelle High School who resigned unexpectedly last week.

Robert Rennie disappeared without explanation to his students. Some are wondering if his unexpected departure has anything to do with his self-disclosed Internet porn addiction or his embrace of far-right conspiracy theories of a world run by Jews and Freemasons, the so-called Illuminati, and a global struggle between Luciferians and Satanists to dominate evil in the world.

Given that information about the views of the teacher were readily available online, and if this is the reason for his separation from the District, it suggests that the New Rochelle Board of Education has still no adopted a policy of running online/social media background checks as part of their vetting process for new hires. It is difficult to imagine that a person who holds the views espoused by Mr. Rennie would have been considered an appropriate fit for the City School District of New Rochelle.

When a parent of a child at New Rochelle High School recently posted to Facebook on the sudden disappearance of Robert Rennie, Talk of the Sound decided to look into the matter.

She wrote:

Does anyone know what happened to the H.S. English teacher (9th, 1Oth and 11th grade) Mr. Rennie?

He was teaching normally yesterday, but today all his personal items were removed from the classroom and a new teacher named Mr Diggs was there.  Apparently Mr. Diggs told the class that NR reached out to him last week and offered him the position. He had never been in the high school and had been a sub (somewhere, don’t know where) teaching all subjects.

I’m assuming Mr. Rennie was let go? I’ve heard nothing from the school and all I’ve heard is lots of speculation.

We reached out to Mr. Rennie via Facebook Messenger last week but received no reply.

A review of New Rochelle Board of Education resolutions show Rennie was first hired as a Summer School teacher at the high school in 2014. Two years later, in August 2016, he was hired as a full-time English Teacher at the high school for the 2016-17 school year. The board resolutions do not state that the board accepted his resignation but in a separate resolution on the hiring of Victor Diggs, his replacement, the resolution notes that Rennie resigned. Resolution 17-186-18 is on the agenda for tonight.

Talk of the Sound reached out for comment to New Rochelle High School Principal Reggie Richardson but has yet to receive a reply (UPDATE: Richardson has since replied via email only to say he could not comment as it was a personnel matter and he forwarded my email to Focus Media, the District's PR firm. Focus Media did not respond).

With Mr. Rennie not responding, the school board quietly accepting his resignation, and school officials not responding, there is no on-the-record or official explanation as to why Mr. Rennie left in the middle of the school year, a highly unusual occurrence.

Mr. Rennie’s other career as an author and radio show host may have created concerns.

Rennie gave an interview to former CBS News anchor Rene Syler, published in February 2013, in which he spoke about his pornography addiction:


I’m not sure because I believe I’ve been allowed to experience the things in my life for a reason, but I suppose it would be better that I didn’t get involved in Internet pornography for so many years. I would tell my 16-year-old self that I was creating very real, spiritual soul ties with the women I fantasized about and that I was committing a sin that was simultaneously destroying me and making it so that the real women in my life wouldn’t want to date me.

Rennie, under the pseudonym “EP”, wrote a biographical account of his struggle with pornography and a spiritual awakening, Young Man Blames Sex Addiction, published on July 23, 2013.

My problem was the sin of lust. Ever since my father handed me a stack of Playboys at age 13, and told me it was okay to masturbate, I became obsessed with sex. It's all I would think about for at least eighteen years until the Lord Jesus supernaturally delivered me and gave my life purpose (more on that later).

In the article, Rennie describes himself as someone who “ended up a basement dweller at the age of thirty-one”. Simple math suggests that he was introduced to pornography by his father at 13 and was obsessed with it for 18 years, which would be until the age of 31, about his age the time he wrote the article (and was interviewed by Syler). It is during this time he had a radio show on WVOX.

His article on sex addiction appears on the web site, where the tag line for the site is “Exposing Feminism and The New World Order”.

Dr. Henry Makow, Ph.D., has written several books including Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order, Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the WorldIlluminati 2 - Deceit and Seduction and Illuminati3: Satanic Possession: There is only one Conspiracy

In his first book on The Illuminati, Makow writes:

Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult called the Illuminati. This cult represents Masonic and Jewish bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit which allows them to charge interest on funds they create out of nothing. Naturally they want to protect this prize by translating it into a political and cultural monopoly. This takes the form of a totalitarian world government dedicated to Lucifer, who represents their defiance of God.

In his third book, Makow writes:

Satanist (Cabalist) Jews and Freemasons are waging a covert war against God and man and are close to achieving victory. Many Jews and Freemasons have been a subversive force throughout history - the real reason for anti Semitism. Of course, the majority of Jews (and Christians) aren't aware of this process of satanic possession. We have all succumbed to it. Passing as “secularism” and “humanism,” Satanism is the secret religion of the West.

Rennie is no longer on the air on WVOX. He operates the Eternal Planner YouTube channel. That channel links to the web site which is inactive.

Rennie has opined on a wide variety of “conspiracy theories” including a show asking the question, Is The Illuminati A Jewish Conspiracy? published on Apr 19, 2016

His guest on the show was “Doc” Marquis who describes himself as a former member of The Illuminati:

Marquis claims that he was made a high priest at thirteen years of age, becoming a "Master Witch" at the age of seventeen. Having attained this title, Marquis claims that he was given control of the towns of Methuen and Lawrence in Massachusetts and Salem in New Hampshire. He claims to have witnessed over a hundred human sacrifices in the 20 years that we was supposedly in the Illuminati. Marquis claims that he left the Illuminati in 1979, resulting in the Illuminati issuing a half million dollar contract on his life. Marquis claims that there have been eight attempts on his life.

Other YouTube videos posted under Eternal Planner include After School satan Clubs & Revisionist Science published on Aug 8, 2016, Transgender Man Sues Barber Shop For Discrimination, published on Aug 22, 2016, in which Rennie and his co-host disparage transgender people, asking “where does this madness end”, describing the demand a transgender man to get a haircut at a barbershop in California as “mafioso tactics” and “black mailing” and making repeated references to President Obama as having “sugar in his tank”, meaning that Obama is gay or bisexual, and The Farooqs New T.V. Series, described as a “Voice-Over Parody”, published on Dec 7, 2015  in which Rennie mocks Muslims.

In the article, Rennie elaborates on his sex addiction which he says he overcame in 2013, a few months before he began working as a summer school teacher at New Rochelle High School.

Just to give you an idea of how far gone I was, in high school, I would masturbate and fantasize about Cindy Crawford, Kathy Ireland or some Victoria Secret model every single day. This was in the nineties just before internet porn became more prevalent. Girls in school, who I also fantasized about, avoided me because they could smell the desperation all over me...I became obsessed with sex. It's all I would think about for at least eighteen years until the Lord Jesus supernaturally delivered me and gave my life purpose…Eventually, I did physical damage to myself by maturbating (sic) to the point of sexual exhaustion, but this didn't get me to stop either.

Rennie also described his views on minority students:

I disliked the way teachers made excuses for poor and minority students, feeding into this whole institutional racism paradigm or self-fulfilling victim mentality. The more teachers and administrators treated minorities like they needed extra help, the more they did, but no one seemed to think this except me.

Rennie went to work as a personal trainer at New York Sports Club before returning to teaching full-time in New Rochelle in 2016.

In 2013, a year before teaching in New Rochelle, he wrote:

I stopped teaching and left education because my soul couldn't take it anymore. The whole system was so corrupt that I had to get out. This is the pivotal choice I made that banished me to my parent's basement for years, but that gave me much needed peace of mind again.

UPDATE: Robert Rennie contacted Talk of the Sound via email st about 10:00 pm on Thursday February 8th

Your suggestion that the reason I resigned was because of my YouTube channel is false. I have a record of the statements from the superintendent, principal and head of the English department to prove it. Official documents also state the reason for the resignation. 

This is something you could have easily found out if you had taken the time to make a simple phone call instead of publishing lies and misrepresentation. Your assumptions about me are verifiably false and if you do not delete your post within 24 hours, I will sue you for defamation.

As indicated in the original article, Talk of the Sound did reach out to both Mr. Rennie and NRHS Principal Reggie Richardson. Mr Rennie did not reply to our request for comment last Friday, In response to Mr. Rennie's threats of litigation, we have explained that we believe the story to be entirely accurate and we will not take down the article. We have always been willing to tell Mr. Rennie' aside of the story in this matter and remain so. We advised him we would publish his email and would publish an entirely new article if he wishes to provide the documents he described in his email and be interviewed by Talk of the Sound.