New Rochelle Board of Education Meeting Devolves into Shouting Matches as Residents Call for Removal of Lianne Merchant as Vice President


Tuesday night's meeting of the New Rochelle Board of Education descended into shouting, cursing and recriminations among board members and between board members and residents who addressed the Board during the public comment period.

The video speaks for itself so rather than describe it I would invite readers to watch the video and comment below. I will try to answer any questions folks might have.

Rather than address the statements of David Lacher and Lianne Merchant directed at me personally and Talk of the Sound, I will hold that until the board meeting next Tuesday at the Davis Elementary School.

At issue was the ongoing Superintendent Search, the mysterious list of who was granted private meetings, the decision to exclude the United Citizens for a Better New Rochelle from the list and Board Vice President Lianne Merchant's incendiary email in which she justifies excluding UCBNR on the grounds that they opposed the now-defunct Echo Bay project.

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