New Rochelle Carpenter Says "No One Told Him" Could Not Take Vans Home, District Silent but Sends Letter to Employees

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New Rochelle Carpenter Says "No One Told Him" Could Not Take Vans Home, District Silent but Sends Letter to Employees

April 30, 2009 - 15:11

IMG_0352.jpgFrank Demasi of 57 John Street in New Rochelle spoke exclusively with Talk of the Sound earlier today and admitted taking New Rochelle School District vans home at night. In response to our request for comment to our story yesterday, Carpenter's Late Night Use of School District Van Questioned, Demasi told Talk of the Sound that no one in the school district authorized him to take the vans home but since no one told him he could not take the vans home he did.

Sources have told Talk of the Sound that Demasi has been taking home school district vehicles for more than a decade. Talk of the Sound obtained photographs going back to 2007-2008 that school district vehicles have regularly been parked in front of Demasi's home in New Rochelle over the past two years.

Demasi said the vehicle he has been taking home recently, Van #60, is supposed to be kept at the high school.

Demasi also told Talk of the Sound that the school district sent out a letter to district employees informing them it was school district policy that district vehicles were not allowed to be taken home. If any readers have received a copy of this letter please send us a copy.

So far, the school district has declined to our requests for information or to respond to questions. Most likely, the District will either try to ignore the issue and hope it goes away or tell their "spun" version of the story to the Journal News.

Talk of the Sound sent questions to Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak, Assistant Superintendent for Finance John Quinn and School Board President Cindy Babcock-Deutsch seeking comment. As it is the policy of the District to pretend this site does not exist let me share with you here the questions we believe the public is entitled to have answered:

1. Mr. Demasi admitted during our interview that he has been taking home district vehicles. Can you comment on this?

2. Mr. Demasi says no one ever told him he could not take vehicles home. Does the district have a policy on using school district vehicles for personal use or taking vehicles home at night or the weekend? What IS the district's policy in this regard?

3. What sort of system is in place to keep track of school district vehicles? Do you intend to review that system and make changes? Demasi says this vehicle was a van that was supposed to be at the high school. How can a vehicle disappear from the school night after night and no one know about it? Will you consider revising the system in light of our story on Mr. Demasi? Do you intend to investigate who knew or should have known this vehicle was not where it was supposed to be after school hours?

4. Mr. Demasi says he received a letter which he believes was sent to all school district employees about the use of district vehicles. Is there such a letter? Can I have a copy? Was the letter a reminder of an existing policy or to inform employees of a new policy.

5. Talk of the Sound has photographs going back two years. Our sources who, given Mr. Demasi's admission, we believe to be entirely reliable have told us that Demasi has been taking home district vehicles as a matter of routine going back a decade or more. Also, there is an issue with lumber and the use of school equipment. Care to comment on that?

6. Misappropriation of school property is a criminal act. Do you intend to file charges against Mr. Demasi and anyone else who might have been involved?

7. The vehicle observed in front of Mr. Demasi's house is Van #60 and is marked as a commercial vehicle. Does the use of a commercial vehicle as a personal vehicle raise any issues with the Department of Motor Vehicles or the district's insurance company? Who IS the district's insurance company and do you intend to notify them of what appears to be the misappropriation of the vehcile for personal use?

8. Our sources tell us that Mr. Demasi does not own a vehicle but has, for many years, used district vehicles as his personal vehicle. On behalf of the taxpayers who fund the school district do you intend to seek reimbursement for the use of the vehicle, oil & gas, servicing, the cost to insure the vehicle?

9. I know the district's standard response is a bunch of hogwash about this is a "private" or "personnel" matter and that the district will hide behind these claims to avoid commenting publicly on what you will seek to characterize as an internal disciplinary issue but this case does appear to warrant consideration for investigation as a felony criminal matter involving misappropriation of the vehicle, theft of fuel, insurance fraud, etc. That is clearly a public matter. In that light, will you comment on Mr. Demasi's current job status with the district and whether any sort of disciplinary proceedings are anticipated, are in process or have already taken place?

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What did Frank Demasi ever do to u? Did he take your job? Did he steal your food? I hope you have cause for this or this guy is gonna sue the shit out of you!

Robert Cox's picture

I appreciate your concern but you need not worry.

Mr. Demasi has already admitted that he has been taking vehicles home without authorization. We have pictures of the same van in front of his house going back two years. We have witnesses who have stated he has been doing this for more than ten years. I went personally on numerous occasions to confirm that the vehicle was parked there at night and on weekends.

His explanation -- that he did not know he was not allowed to take vehicles home at night and that no one told him he couldn't take them home -- strikes me as a bit thin. Wouldn't you agree?

I would say that any public employee who misappropriates public property for personal use is stealing from all of us.

Why am I not surprised that one of our School District Trolls wants to defend a guy who admits taking school property for his personal use? There really is no limit to what the apparatchiks will try to excuse.

What gives you the right to put someones name in an article and make accusations about someone who hasn't been arrested or even accused of doing something wrong by city officials or law enforcement?

Robert Cox's picture

What gives me the right is that I am a citizen who not only the right but the obligation to report public corruption.

What gives me the right is that I a parent with children in the public school system, children who lose out when public resources are converted to personal use.

What gives me the right is I am a taxpayer and the money to provide vehicles and fuel and insurance comes out of my pocket just as it comes out of yours.

What gives me the right is the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

You should read it some time. It talks about things like freedom of speech and freedom of the press. If you are connected to the school district in anyway I am sure this is quite alien to you but if you google for it I am sure you can find some information about the First Amendment.

You are probably further confused about how reporting works. For example, there is no law that says a newspaper cannot report wrongdoing by public officials unless the person is arrested. Similarly, there is no law that says wrongdoing cannot be reported unless a city official of law enforcement agency accuses someone of wrong doing.

This story is based on something called "investigative reporting". I know we have not had that in New Rochelle for a very long time -- if ever -- but the way it works is that a reporter follows up tips, talks to knowledgeable sources, goes out to see for themselves, does primary research and so on.

In this, the comment by "concerned" says a lot about New Rochelle. This person says they have known about this person's wrongdoing for 8 years but did not know what to do about it or whether they would be believed. What does that say about our school district administration and school board? What does it say about our local police department?

Without being overly dramatic, there's new sheriff in town. The "sheriff" is regular everyday citizens fed up with the corruption and self-dealing which has become the hallmark of New Rochelle. We now have a community web site which gives people like this guy's neighbors on John Street a place to go when they see wrong doing. They do not have to ask anyone from City Hall for permission. They can write up and publish their own stories, with their own photos and videos. This is how "citizen journalism" works -- every citizen can become a public watchdog.

In this case it is rather simple, Mr. Demasi admits taking the van, he says he did not have authorization, I have school officials on record saying he did not have authorization, we have confirmed ourselves that the van is where our sources said it was, when they said it was, and we have several witnesses telling us this has been going on for many years. Case closed.

You call a man bringing home his work van corruption? Those are some pretty strong words!! And you say reliable sources, who are they and how do you know that the statements your "reliable sources' are giving you are even true? I happen to know Mr. Demasi and he said he never spoke to anyone from this "BOGUS" website. Yes, the man was bringing his van home at night but its better than leaving it in House 4 parking lot where it has been robbed on numerous occasions. Frank Demasi happens to be a very hard working guy who has been doing his job for the district for 28 yrs. Also, your "sources" tell you that he dosn't own a personal vehicle.Well they dropped the ball on that one because the man happens to have THREE VEHICLES in his name. Now that I scroll through this site I find in almost every story you covered there are holes or mis-leading information.

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Taking public property and making personal use of it is misappropriation, a crime that is no different than theft.

Mr. Demasi has admitted taking home the van. Even you seeking to defend him are saying he took the van home. I left messages at Mr. Demasi's home and work before the story ran. The following day he called me - twice. The second time was to confirm the name and address of this web site. So, Mr. Demasi is well aware of who he called and who he spoke to when he return my call.

I have no comment on this term of service or his work ethic but no one is entitled to take public property for personal use regardless of how hard they work.

Did you or any of your "reliable sources" ever see Mr.Demasi driving the van after 3:30? Parking a van in front of his home is not a crime, past practices allowed him to take the van home until a jerkoff like you with nothing better to do came along! Like I said in my previous post MR.DEMASI NEVER SPOKE TO YOU!!!!! Every article concerning one of our schools your information is wrong, I don't know who your sources are but their giving you mis-leading information.You slandered the women security guard at Isaac Young saying she slapped the student, meanwhile there was a video camera that had the whole incident on video tape that showed the security guard doing no wrong also there were never any charges against her.

Robert Cox's picture

I did not write the story about the security guard at Isaac so you need to direct your concerns elsewhere. I stand by my stories.

Mr. Demasi called me twice, returning my calls to him. We did speak but I am not sure of your point because the facts are not in dispute - he did take the van home at night and he did not have permission to do that.

You wrote:"past practices allowed him to take the van home".

I have no idea what "past practices" are you talking about. Perhaps you can clarify these practices you mention.

As for starting a blog about me, please be my guest.

The blog about you is underway and all your movements and lies will be recorded and posted. The blog is going to destroy you. New Rochelle doesn't want you here anymore. You are attempting to destroy our community so you can buy a house for cheap prices. We will not allow our homes and lives to be destroyed by a piece of trash like yourself.

blogs don't destroy people,they make them famous you nitwit. Now that you destroyed Mr D, your going to go on and give Mr Cox more publicity. The more you write about him, the more people will go to his site to read what he has to say. This site will only get bigger, thanks to you. If a website can destroy a city then the city is pretty far gone already. I give New Rochelle more credit than that. This city IS strong enough to clean out the corruption and termites like you and be a better city for it. Everything you've done has had the exact opposite effect you intended. With all your anger and vehemence I'm beginning to wonder if you're a danger to society. I hope you're not around any children. Please, turn yourself in and tell the authorities what you know about the wrongdoings within the school system. You'll be a better person for it. Help is available at or

hhahhhahah this person is dead on.....and funny!

I live on JOHN STREET and have seen him not only drive that van after 3:30 he uses it on weekends too!

I't is a crime, when it's tax payers money. Why does Mr. Demasi use the school van any way? Why not his own car? I JUST LOVE THIS SITE!!!!! The people of New Rochelle have a voice. We need this site!!!!

If he didn't drive the van after 3:30, and it was parked at his house, doesn't that mean he's leaving work early every single day he is on the job? Did he falsify his time cards? That is punishable by dismissal, isn't it? I hope your not his lawyer. Somewhere a village is being deprived.

Mr.Demasi's work day ends at 3:30!and He dosn't punch a time card. You people have all the answers!

You've proven Mr Demasi's guilt. Some friend you are. Again you prove the inpropriety to be true. As I asked, if he is not driving the van after 3:30, and it is at his house, then he left work early every day the van is at his house. If he's paid until 3:30 that doesn't mean be home at 3:30. Not punching a time card only makes it easier to cheat the taxpayers. With friends like you who needs enemies? Thank you for providing more proof and helping to convict your friend. Your village is still looking for you.

three vehicles that he doesnt have to use because he uses the city van on our dime! Tell me why he doesn't use his nice pickup to load in the construction materials that he gets for the projects that he does on his homes? A year ago he was working on his bayard street garage on a SUNDAY unloading materials from the CITY VAN. Were they materials taken from the school district?

we are not allowed tio use our personal vehicles when were at work!!

Anonymous why are you so mad? You must be his wife. I lived on Drake Ave. 15 years ago, and I always drove down John Street.(And still do from time to time) I must say I remember a New Rochelle school van being on that street. Day, night and weekends. And I thought it was funny that a van was always there. I just think the other writers want the best for New Rochelle. We pay such high SCHOOL TAXES. The waste has to stop. And very little step helps. Now Mr. Demasi, will have to spend his own money on gas, not the tax payers. Anonymous just get over it. What is right is right!!!

Is it ok that a year ago Mr. Demasi used the work van on a Saturday and Sunday to work on the garage he owns on Bayard? I personally watched as he unloaded building material as he working on taking down the cracked concrete and replaced it. I believe it was his grandson who was helping him at the time...this is ok with city officials? THis isnt stealing from taxpayers? I want a city job then and access to a van loaded with tools and equipent to use for my personal use! WHERE DO I SIGN UP!!!

not to mention....were the materials used on this project and one currently taking place at Mr. Demasi's house paid for by him or is it material taken from the school district? Since no one is watching the van come and go who is to say they are accountable for materials meant for school projects?? Is anyone one really working in the district or does everyone have their eyes closed!

Yes. I call it corruption. What would you call it? Entitlement? Even if no one told him he couldn't, he could at the very least had asked if he was allowed to take it home. Did he? He must of known or felt that it was somehow taking advantage of the situation. Being employed since 1983, how long has this gone on?

What other employee 'perks' are being taken by others who work for the district that I and my fellow tax-payers are footing the bill for?

Let's put an end to wasting New Rochelle tax-payer money on May 19th.

Political corruption =
...the dysfunction of a political system or institution in which government officials, political officials or employees seek illegitimate personal gain...

Robert Cox's picture

Who is our Troll?

Shall we play a game?

How about "guess the name of the anonymous troll defending Mr. Demasi".

Before anyone starts guessing, let's start by listing what our anonymous troll has revealed about themselves so far...who wants to

1. They have spoken with Mr. Demasi.
2. They know how many years he has worked for the district.
3. They know when his work day ends and whether or not he is required to punch a time card.

What else can YOU add?

They had access to surveillance video at Isaac Young Middle School.

Robert Cox's picture

correct. any thing else we know from their comments here?

Who would be the one to know who's name the three 'personal' vehicles are registered in? That's #5 and,
(#6) they also know of numerous thefts that occurred at the NRHS House 4 parking lot where the van should presumably be left after work.

Oh, and they also don't think that there's anything wrong with bringing the van home. That's not considered corrupt, it's considered a fringe benefit or a job perk! (#7).

Robert Cox's picture

Our troll has now added his version of the list for identifying me - except that my identify is clearly disclosed. BTW, I despite this troll's constant obsession with this notion that I do not pay taxes or have a job I do, in fact, have a job and pay taxes.

What we learn, however, is that this person feels that it is "fair game" to go after someone's significant other, disclose information about there they live, and otherwise share person information about me. Of course, two can play that game so I suppose this person will not mind if we start publishing similar information about them.

What else do we now know?

They know what my wife does for a living (she is a special education teacher working for the City School District of New Rochelle).

He knows where I live although I have never provided this person that information -- but this information IS on file with the City School District of New Rochelle (and is CONFIDENTIAL information).

So I would #8, this person has access to personal information about employees of the City School District of New Rochelle.

What else? Go back and read their comments. I am sure there is more information there.

It is a terrible thought that a person associated with the City School of New Rochelle District who has access to this type of CONFIDENTIAL personnel information, would use this access in retaliation against a family member of an employee. Is this what you are suggesting Mr Cox? Furthermore, to do it in an on Anonymous basis is egregious. Nobody associated with the City School District would be safe. No employees' CONFIDENTIAL information would not be safe. By extension, this person (or people) with access to personnel files would presumably also have access to children files and their families. What other information would they be sharing and with whom? It would be reasonable to conclude why so many people who comment choose to do it anonymously, due to fear that they might experience this type of retaliation. It is not only unprofessional, unethical but possibly criminal in nature.

Robert Cox's picture

OK. I will help out a little but this is really starting to give it away.

#9. our troll uses the term "past practices" to defend Mr. Demasi.

The USDA has a nice little blurb that explains this term. Please note that it is used to indicate a practice which was known by both labor AND management so by using this term our troll is not only outing themselves but indicting the administration of the school district (and saying that Demasi lied to me).

Past Pracitices

"Union officials often try to use "past practice" as a reason for preventing changes in working conditions from being implemented. A "past practice" is nothing more than the way things have always been done. Such practice does not have to be written down in the labor agreement, but can arise on the basis of regular, repeated action, or inaction, on your part.

Generally, the existence of the four following factors will indicate that a "past practice" exists:

1. The practice was clear and applied consistently.
2. The practice was not a special, one-time benefit or meant at the time as an exception to a general rule.
3. Both the union and management knew the practice existed and management and/or the union agreed with the practice or, at least, allowed it to occur.
4. The practice existed for a substantial period of time and occurred repeatedly.

Normally, you cannot stop an established and accepted "past practice" unilaterally. Rather, you must give notice to the union of your intent to do so and, if the union so requests, engage in negotiations to try to resolve any differences."

The way things have always been done!!!
A "past practice" is nothing more than the way things have always been done.
Are they for real? In these difficult times everyone is looking at ways to improve their way of doing business. People who still have jobs, have been made to take week-long furloughs. Even if times were good, New Rochelle tax-payers should expect more diligence from our ‘elected’ officials. Money is hard-earned by citizens.

Past practices have been around forever. I remember first experiencing it back in the 80's when the NYC school board tried to end the custodial staff from having bottled water delivered to them (for drinking, making coffee). This represented hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings per year. Teachers and administration members used the bathrooms and water fountains for their water. Courts ruled that, by allowing this practice to continue for so long it falls under the guise of "past practices" and must be considered as an article to be bargained during contract negotiations. Managment could not arbitrarilly end the water service. Strange but true.

Robert Cox's picture

Troll ID #10 Buffalo, NY

We use the different programs to track information about site traffic. They are all looking at the "log files" for this which are generated by our web server software.

One of them is traditionally used by bloggers and made public. It is called sitemeter. You may have seen the badges which show our traffic in the right rail and the bottom left rail.

You can see it here:

Our troll posts from within New Rochelle but has, from time to time, posted comments from a Verizon account in Buffalo, NY. So, while the average reader might not have known to check the log files, we did and so I can tell you that our troll was in Buffalo this weekend and has been in Buffalo on more than one occasion over the past couple of months.

So, your next clue is that we know from our troll's comments that they were in Buffalo this weekend and have some personal or professional reason to be in/out of Buffalo.

stop lying.. You have no job and you pay 0 taxes to the city of New Rochelle or the federal government. Your information is in the phone book you stupid dummy. Maybe you ate the phone book in one of your fits of rage? You are a fat disgusting liar so why would anyone believe you.

I believe Bob and you are seriuosly disturbed. You are projecting all of your "traits" onto him. It's your rage we see. So, here's more clues - Troll is fat, disgusting and a liar. Where do you work Troll (oops, I mean Bob)?

IF there was nothing wrong with taking the van home why is it no longer being taken home at this point?

Everyday for three years, I've picked up my teenager at that particular side of the high school. Today at 3:35 was the first time I have EVER seen 9 green vans/trucks all parked together in the corner of the lot. Usually there's only one or two.
What does that mean?

Because of this site, New Rochelle tax-payers finally have a vehicle (no pun intended) to be heard. Thank you Mr. Cox.

The 'jig' is up. That's what it means. It takes discussions by the citizens of New Rochelle on a community blog to make things happen quickly in the quagmire of bureaucracy that is the NR School District.

That would be #4.

1. you have no job
2. your wife works at city hall
3. you live on aberfoyle rd
4. you have nothing better to do than harass and make false statements about people.
5. and all the information about Mr.Demasi that I have knowledge of is public information.

You are going crazy!!!!!! Get a life. Mr. Cox is not the one stealing from the tax payers of New Rochelle!!!!! What does it matter, what Mr. Cox does for a living. And how do you really know? And I think Mr. Cox is doing a wonderful thing for New Rochelle, with this web site. For TOO long New Rochelle goverment has been abusing the tax payers. As a tax payer I feel I have a right to know who is abusing the system. Are you mad because now Mr. Demasi has to use his own gas and car to get to work, like the rest of us. And another point, if I had a work van I would not want to park it on John Street. That is not such a safe street, for a work van with lots of expensive tools. I think the High School would be safer to park the school van. Mr. Cox I'm on your side. Who cares what anonymous says. They are just mad, that their game is over. Thanks for the web site!!!!

Robert Cox's picture

This person is revealing quite about themselves with each visit to this web site.

I am sure if we all put on our thinking caps and assembling what he can know from this person's comments we can unmask our troll.

Come on folks! Take a moment to read through the comments section and see what else our troll is revealing about themselves.

What does Mr. Cox's private life have to do with Mr. Demasi STEALING from the city and TAXPAYERS! NOTHING! I think a major investigation of Mr Demasi and his wrong doings is definitely in order. HE IS STEALING FROM US ALL!

Results speak for themselves.

Let’s play-
guess the name of the blog that New Rochelle’s citizens turn to for answers.

List the things we know were brought to our attention and resolved since the appearance of this site:

1. Book censorship revealed and resolved at the High school
2. Pledge restored on Elementary school’s morning announcements
3. Personal use of City vehicle(s) discontinued

What else can WE add?

Who are you calling a troll? You fat jerkoff, let's make a few things clear, first, you have never spoken to Mr. Demasi, anybody could of called you on the phone and said they were him. He has told me that he never spoke to you and that you have been calling his house and the carpenter shop where he works.Second, your wife's adress and salary information is public information, its not confidential. Third, I was only mentioning you wife because she works for the school district, I couldn't understand why you would be knocking the District and the budget when that paysyour wife's salary.And finally, I did some research on you and I come to find out that you have been a nuicence to the board of education for years, you made a fool of yourself at a board meeting, that a security guard had to remove you from the podium, you were asked to leave school property numerous times. Well I will tell you one thing, if I ever see you on school propert during school hours you will be arrested and prosecuted. I am planning to follow you and report on your daily life over the next few months so walk the straight line buddy!!!!

Robert Cox's picture

What that you in the Mercury sedan parked in front of my house a little while ago. You need to fix the hood your car, it was not closed properly.

For readers of this site, I approved this comment because it shows how pathetic the District can be. This is a "fake" comment:

It is real only in that it is a comment but this is not the troll that has been defending Frank Demasi. The voice, spelling, punctuation and grammar are different. This is someone far less educated than the actual troll. What it is, is an attempt to the actual troll to get someone else to help him cover his tracks now that he has realized that we can easily track people like our troll from Buffalo.

I am not sure why Fake Troll and Buffalo Troll keep harping on a rather insipid point - that they spoke to Demasi and he says he never called me. I called and left a message for Mr. Demasi. I got a call back responding to the message I left. Are you proposing that someone broke into Mr. Demasi's home, listened to his messages and called me back pretending to be Mr. Demasi. While I suppose that's POSSIBLE, I would consider it highly likely. The message I left at the carpentry shop where he works was brief and did not contain a description of why I was calling so it seems reasonable to conclude that Demasi was responding to the message I left at home. Regardless, no one is disputing what I reported about that call - that Mr. Demasi did take home the van at night and that he did not have authorization - which is the point is insipid.

My wife's home address is NOT public information. We have cablevision phone service so our number is not listed. As a public employee, her salary is, public information and was published by the Journal News a few weeks ago but the REAL troll would know that there has been no discussion on this thread about my wife's SALARY. Little tidbits like this show this to be a fake.

This person is now trying to justify brining my wife into this because it suddenly dawned on the troll that he has now opened the door to my posting about HIS "partner".

As for why I am knocking the district, you are sadly confused. Holding up a bright light to the corruption of the few is not "knocking" everyone who works for the district. There are many excellent employees working for the district. My kids have had many excellent teachers, there are some great psychologists, special educators, security guards, nurses, librarians and other staff. As you and our Buffalo Troll have now both noted, my wife works for the district. You are seeking to conflate two distinct issues - the liars, cheats and thieves who enrich themselves at the public trough and the many hard-working, dedicated professionals employed by the district. Those GOOD people are the VICTIMS of people like you who seek to serve as apologists for wrongdoers. The problem with the district is the people at the top and any of the corrupt people who feather their own next at public expense. We have a dysfunctional school district where parents and good teachers are too afraid or too fed up to deal with the nefarious activities of the few people who have managed to wheedle their way into power. The best way to help parents, students and staff is to throw the bums out and take back the schools for the decent, hardworking people.

The way to support the families of New Rochelle and the many excellent employees at the school is to root out the corruption - get rid of the hundreds of kids who do not belong, bring transparency and accountability to the school district by getting rid of at-large elections, absurdly long-term school board terms, serial board members who serve 3 or 4 or even 5 five year terms. This town does not need people sitting on the school board for 15, 20, 30 years at a clip. We need fresh blood, news ideas, and real accountability.

Your interest Mr. Fake Troll appears to nothing more than defending behavior that cannot be defended. If Talk of the Sound is so wrong in its reporting then please explain why there is fleet of school vans prominently parked alongside the new wing of the high school? Why a letter was sent out to district employees about bringing home school vehicles? Why has this supposed "past practice" been discontinued.

I was never been on school property and asked to leave. I have no idea on what basis you imagine you can have me or anyone else arrested for being on PUBLIC school property and even less of an idea of how YOU are going to prosecute me or anyone else. You have, however, served to illustrate the Stalinist mindset which permeated the school district administration and its apparachniks.

You are undercounting how many times the school sought to prevent me from speaking at a school board meeting. It was TWICE not once but the person who made a fool of herself was Cindy Babcock-Deutsche who gaveled two meetings to a close while I was in the middle of reading a statement to the school board during the public comment period. I have no doubt that you would heartily approve of a school board bringing in security guards to seek to prevent an American citizen from addressing elected officials in a public meeting held in a public building during their allotted three minutes of the public comment period but for anyone who cares about our Republic it is something to be rightly condemned. When a school board operates like a kangaroo court in North Korea or Cuba it is time to clean house.

If I have been a nuisance for the derelict group of clowns who run our school board then I must be doing something right. Thanks for the encouragement. If these people are not going to engage in the sort of oversight this school district needs they should resign and get some people in there who will make sure our money and our school vans are where they are supposed to be at night.

'about our Republic’ -

the last sentence of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address says it all:

"...and that government:
of the people,
by the people,
for the people,
shall not perish from the earth."

Basically you are the arab clerics telling their people the Jews are horrible people and the Jews are the reason why the arabs are so poor. For many years New Rochelle has grown with unskilled labor and illegals. The problem is, the voters know the truth. They know smart good and just people run this city. Generally the city administrators are doing an excellent job with what they have to work with. The more you rant the more you show the citizens of New Rochelle what an excellent job city officials have been doing