New Rochelle Citizens Committee Releases Independent Redistricting Map

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New Rochelle Citizens Committee Releases Independent Redistricting Map

April 20, 2011 - 17:18

CitizenCommNRRedistrictignMap 455(New Rochelle, NY) -- An independently researched redistricting map for the election of New Rochelle's six council members is to be unveiled at a special session at City Hall, 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY tomorrow night (Wednesday night) at 7:30 pm.

"We promised the citizens of New Rochelle a fair, non-partisan map and redistricting plan and we have got it!" claimed Mark McLean, chairman of the ad hoc/bi-partisan group, Concerned New Rochelle Citizens' Redistricting Committee (CNRCRC) after their Tuesday meeting. "It is logical, fair, balanced and partial to no single political faction." Referring to a plan issued 10 days ago by the City Council that expressed the will of its Democratic majority, he continued, "Our CNRCRC plan is better; it has geometric conciseness and demographic precision and respects the 1973 Voting Rights Act and the 2003 U.S. District Court consent decree signed by parties to the previous New Rochelle case."

The chairman was confident that his rendering will help the City Council review its own previously-issued plan and help "correct several flaws." Chief among them: a) insufficient provision of a mandated African-American opportunity district, b) "disregard for the rights of African-Americans and Spanish-speaking Americans generally in the growing precincts of New Rochelle's central core and points south," he continued. McLean said he was eager to discuss the map with everyone involved including office holders, city hall staff, and any demographic consultants specified by council. "Nobody wants the process to fail or to be lost in frivolous bickering. We just want it to be fair and transparent to everyone."

He concluded, "The public needs to be educated on redistricting issues and rules; in particular, neighborhood associations and community associations must have a say in the districts' composition, and this can only be achieved with a schedule of town hall meetings and, if called for, debates." Copies of the map and notes on demographic considerations will be provided to council members, the press and interested parties in the community.

The CNRCRC is a voluntary organization devoted to a non-partisan process of local governmental organization. We welcome all lawful residents of the City of New Rochelle interested in furthering this mission. The Committee includes: Dorothy Oliver, John Robbins, Joyce Furfero, Margaret Godfrey, Laraine Karl, Leonard Paduano, Martin Sanchez, Mark McLean, Stephen Mayo, Ronald Tocci, Karen Hessel.

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Anyone that spends any time around New Rochelle knows that it is made up of very distinct neighborhoods that share the same problems and have the same concerns and interests. They are not based on race,sex or religion. Can't we break up the districts into the areas that we all know have common ground? The way the maps look now, if an issue arose in one area 80% of the rest of the district could care less. If you live on Sunhaven would you care about something on Eastchester Road? These maps are ridiculous.

I am interested in all of New Rochelle. We are not an island unto ourselves. With your attitude we will never become one city. Believe it or not what might happen on my street could someday happen to you. I would be ready to lend a helping hand. That is what life is all about.

With that thought process why have districts at all. We're one city have one mayor and call it a day. Of course we all care about New Rochelle, but certain areas have more common day to day issues and are more closely tied together. Obviously, it's not as obvious as I thought.