New Rochelle City Employee Exempts Herself from Parking Regulations at Isaac Young Middle School


Cadillac Isaac 248Another New Rochelle municipal employee who works for the New Rochelle Police Department and also works for the City School District of New Rochelle is exempting herself from parking regulations. She regularly parks her White Cadillac Escalade in front of the school entrance on Centre Avenue in front of a "No Parking During School Hours" sign.

On the vehicle dashboard is a placard displaying an NRPD PBA placard on her dashboard. The placard bears the PBA Shield with the words "P.A.N.R. / Police Association of New Rochelle / Vehicle Identification"

The vehicle is parked there by an NRPD CSO who works at Isaac E. Young Middle School. She also routinely parks the same vehicle illegally near police headquarters on Winthrop Avenue.

Last month we reported on an NRPD Community Service Officer who was parking illegally on Church Street near the intersection with Pelham Road who did the same thing. The Trinity employee has not parked illegally since our story but the Isaac employee remains oblivious.

Cadillac Isaac 249

Cadillac Isaac 250

Once again, Talk of the Sound asks, should municipal employees be granted special parking privileges?

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OldTimeNewRochellean on Wed, 06/13/2012 - 19:53

Bob...Great reporting...NO these people who openly break the law should be:
Their vehicles Booted
Be Suspended without Pay
Warned that if it happens again they they will be Fired!

How dare they BREAK THE LAW!!!!

I bet these people walk with their heads held high...It's ok...We have Bob Cox on the job to expose you all!!!!

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