New Rochelle Fire Department Responds To Fire On The 20th Floor Of Station Tower


New Rochelle fire fighters were kept busy Tuesday and Early Wednesday Morning with three different fires across the city,The first fire was at 6 Chatsworth place in a detached garage of a house. The second one was at 55 maple avenue after a tenant there left food on the stove causing a heavy smoke condition this fire was reported at the same time as the Chatsworth place fire. The third fire was early Wednesday morning around 12:10am at The Station Tower Apartments located at 255 Huguenot street (former Avalon building) on the 20th Floor apartment 6. IMG 1246
Deputy Chief Benz said the fire was started by a candle in the apartment which caught onto something and started to spread and then the sprinkler located in the apartment went off causeng the fire to be held in check until the firemen got to the apartment and putting the remaining fire out.IMG 1251
Chief Benz said there was plenty of water on the fire and the firemen will be here for a long overhaul. The fire department removed water from the apartment by sweeping it down stairwells and by removing the toilet in the apartment.
Thank god for the sprinklers or this could have been much worse than it was Chief Benz said. The fire was under control at 107am.

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