New Rochelle to Fix 21 Street Names

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New Rochelle to Fix 21 Street Names

February 13, 2013 - 00:04

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The City Council of New Rochelle received a report tonight from Barry Nechis, the OEM/EMS Coordinator who discovered multiple streets with various spellings as recorded on the FD/PD Map, New Rochelle Assessors Portal, Street Sign, County 911, D.E.S. CAD, and the U.S.P.S. These discrepancies can create a nuisance for delivery services and a serious safety problem for Emergency Response personnel. A survey was thus created and sent to the property owners on the affected streets to get feedback on the preferred name.

Nechis, along with DPW Commissioner Alex Tergis, made recommendation on changing certain street names:

Street Names Resolution

1. Robert Drive Robert Drive North Robert Drive South

Eliminate "North" and "South" from the official City Name.

2. Meadowwood Path vs. Meadowood Path

Maintain the official spelling as Meadowood Path

3. Hayhurst Drive, Road or Street

Maintain the official spelling as Hayhurst Road

4. Renya vs. Reyna Lane

Change the official spelling to match what the majority is using; Reyna Lane.

5. Park Ridge Avenue vs. Parkridge Avenue

Maintain the official spelling of Park Ridge Avenue

6. Hillandale Drive vs. Hillanddale Drive

Change Official Spelling to Hillandale Drive.

7. Glenorchy Place vs. Glenorchy Road

Maintain the official spelling of Glenorchy Place

8. Argyle Avenue vs. Argyll Avenue

Maintain the official spelling of Argyll Avenue.

9. Madeleine Avenue vs. Madeline Avenue

Maintain the official spelling as Madeleine.

10. Wood Hollow Lane vs. Woodhollow Lane

Maintain the official spelling as Wood Hollow La.

11. Sun Haven Drive vs. Sunhaven Drive

Maintain the official spelling as Sun Haven Drive.

12. Bellview Place vs. Belleview Place

Maintain the official spelling as Belleview Place.

13. Crestview Street vs. Crestview Place

Maintain the official spelling as Crestview Street.

14. Sprague Road vs. Sprague Avenue

Maintain official spelling as Sprague Avenue

15. The Boulevard East vs. Boulevard East

We are recommending that we drop the "THE" from "The Boulevard East" and officially make that section "Boulevard East"

16. Portman Road & Place

We recommend that the section off Potter Ave be changed to Portman Place

17. Van Guilder Ave vs. Guion Place

We recommend making the section of Van Guilder Ave, that remains between Guion Place and Division St an extension to Guion Place.

18. Baraud Road Baraud Road North and Baraud Road South

We recommend officially changing Baraud Road to Baraud Road North (from Wilmot Road Northward) and Baraud Road South (from Wilmot Road Southward).

19. Congress Street and Congress Place

We are recommending that the "dogleg" section that runs west off of Congress Street be renamed Congress Place. (This is for identification purposes only and does not obligate the City in any other format.)

20. Harbor Lane, Harbor Lane West, and Neptune Island Road

We recommend officially naming the section, West of the Glen Island approach road, Harbor Lane West

21. 200 Petersville Road & Fredrick B. Powers Square

We recommend that the Palmer Center is renumbered with a Palmer Avenue address, Petersville Road officially ends at Lynette Street and Powers Square be made a historical (no longer active) intersection.

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I recommend that we change the name of Main St to "The Road to Nowhere"

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I linked the "Street Names Resolution" document above.

For those interested in a little New Rochelle history, check it out.