New Rochelle F.U.S.E. Union President Martin Daly Comments on Martinez Arrest

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New Rochelle F.U.S.E. Union President Martin Daly Comments on Martinez Arrest

March 28, 2011 - 02:21

MartinDalyIn his most recent F.U.S.E. Newsletter, F.U.S.E. Union President Martin Daly comments on the arrest Friday of Jose Martinez. Daly works at the Isaac E. Young Middle School where Martinez was employed as Dean for the previous four years.

I can’t really begin this update about last week without mentioning the arrest of Jose Martinez, a former Administrative Dean at IEYMS and former Assistant Principal at Jefferson School, for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student at IEYMS during his tenure there. Ignoring this sad event or trying to pretend it didn’t happen would be disingenuous on my part, but it is difficult to understand or even to acknowledge that one of our colleagues could do the things he stands accused of doing. I guess the first thing to be said is that an arrest is not a conviction, and Mr. Martinez should enjoy the same presumption of innocence that all other persons accused of wrongdoing enjoy. Nonetheless, these accusations, if proven true, will leave a young student with emotional scars that may never heal, a serious consequence that is painful to consider.

Our staff members prove every day in every school in the district that we care about the children in our schools and we cherish the trust placed in us by their parents. We cannot let these accusations deter us from doing what we do best – finding positive ways to connect with the kids in our schools, helping them to learn and to grow in a safe and caring environment.

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Well written, well said Mr.Daly. This is horrible but should not a condemnation of all the talented caring people who work in the district.