New Rochelle High School On Evacuation Following Bomb Threat


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle High School has been evacuated for a second time in less than two weeks following a bomb threat.

New Rochelle Fire Department and New Rochelle Police Department were called to the scene when a call was made to New Rochelle High School at 7:33 AM directing the school “to get everyone out of the building by 8:00 AM”. No specific threat was made by the caller.

All students and staff were safely evacuated before 8:00 AM.

Numerous police units set up a staging area at Clove Road and Parcot Avenue and all around the school area of the building.

Students were evacuated outside the building to McKenna Field and the fields near the twin lakes. Other New Rochelle schools were put on alert.

A similar incident occurred on November 20th: New Rochelle High School Unexpectedly Dismissed Following Bomb Threat

During the prior incident, just before the Thanksgiving Break, two threats were phoned in to the principal and assistant principal’s offices, school officials said. As a result of those calls, the school was closed for the day with students sent home and evening classes cancelled. Over 3,000 students attend the school.


UPDATE 8:41 AM: There are over 1,000 students are on the field by the lake of the school. Buses are standing by to evacuate all special education students to a nearby college.

UPDATE 8:53 AM: Search of New Rochelle high school initiated.

UPDATE 9:18 AM: All traffic posts are opening the streets around the school. School has been cleared by Police



Today, December 2nd at 7:33 AM, New Rochelle High School received a call “to get everyone out of the building by 8:00 AM”. No specific threat was made by the caller. Law enforcement was called immediately and all students and staff were safely evacuated before 8:00 AM.

Law enforcement is currently searching the building. Once the school is declared safe, we anticipate classes to resume today. As more information becomes available, we will provide an update.

Dr. Diane Massimo
Associate Superintendent of Schools

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