New Rochelle High School Flunks Westchester Magazine Survey

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New Rochelle High School Flunks Westchester Magazine Survey

April 19, 2014 - 01:14

NRHS Rank on Westchester County High School Chart 2014

In the fall of 2013, Westchester Magazine sent surveys to all public high schools in Westchester, asking them for some of the data on this chart, as it pertained to the class of 2013. NYSED data is for the 2011-2012.

New Rochelle residents have not heard much about this survey from the New Rochelle administration or Board of Education. A quick review of the outcomes explains why.

We sorted the list for each of the major outcomes, ranked each school and noted New Rochelle's place on the list.

New Rochelle High School ranked in the bottom third in most categories with the school's 4 year graduation among the lowest in Westchester at 82% (40th out of 46).

The one "bright spot" was in AP Tests 3+ where New Rochelle High School was 13th out of 34 schools reporting.

Talk of the Sound has been reporting for years on the scandalously low 4 Year graduation rates, a problem solved by Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and Board Members by simply focusing on the 4+ and 5 year graduation rate. Apparently the folks at Westchester Magazine were not fooled.

Yes, the demographics in New Rochelle are not the same as Chappaqua or Somers but still these are some pretty low numbers.

Westchester County High School Data Chart, SAT Scores, and Rankings

chart as PDF

Editor-In-Chief Robert Schork on April's Successful High Schools Issue - What went into the issue, and what we got out of it.