New Rochelle Humane Society Hosts 12th Annual Dog Wash

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New Rochelle Humane Society Hosts 12th Annual Dog Wash

July 16, 2012 - 03:25

The New Rochelle Humane Society held its 12th Annual Dog Wash Sunday, July 15, on the shelter grounds.

It was a fun-filled day of pet pampering, nail clipping, microchipping, good food & activities for the kids. Other attractions included the Canine King's “Ask the Trainer” booth, family portraits with your best canine friend, and New Rochelle K-9 unit demonstration.

The New Rochelle Humane Society, founded in 1911, is a private, not-for-profit animal shelter dedicated to providing individual loving care for lost, abandoned, injured, and mistreated animals in 17 communities in Westchester County, Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Eastchester, Elmsford, Greenburgh, Harrison, Hartsdale, Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington, Larchmont, Mamaroneck Village, New Rochelle, Pelham Manor, Rye, Rye Brook, Scarsdale and Tarrytown. The NRHS takes in over 500 dogs and 700 cats each year.

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The NRHS takes in over 500 dogs and 700 cats each year........................

Imagine that. 500 dogs and 700 cats, gassed every year. And no mention of that fact by the redoubtable Mr. Cox, who keeps our streets safe from crossing guards parking on them when they shouldn't.

Individual loving care? Are those YOUR words, Cox? Loving care BEFORE or AFTER they murder them?

Thanks to Noamy, the New Rochelle 'Inhumane' Society is still very much a kill shelter.

But hey, with everyone here bemoaning inappropriate parking by a crossing guard, no one can be expected to worry about a few hundred dogs gassed every month in the glorious sewer that is New Rochelle, now can they?

Right? Right.

So do you have proof of the numbers you just stated? I have the REAL facts and figures.

In addition to finding stable homes the NRHS offers classes to new dog owners to ease into the task of caring for dogs. The NRHS serves not only New Rochelle but many more cities and towns in Westchester.

The place was packed yesterday and MOST of the dogs who were washed were dogs that had been adopted from the NRHS. According to your lies there would be 0 showing up.

Please describe in detail Noam's involvement. The NRHS is shepparded by a Volunteer Board of Directors who work tirelessly to constantly improve the living conditions for the temporary residents
before they find homes. I haven't seen Noam's name on the Board of Directors list.

The NRHS takes in over 500 dogs and 700 cats each year............that's 500 dogs and 700 cats gassed if they're not adopted.

The buck stops with Noamy, aka Idoni II. If the NRIS still kills animals, he allows animals to be killed under his watch.

The NRIS (you work for them, I take it?) kills animals, last I checked.

Supposedly, they don't gas dogs and cats anymore, they're a no kill shelter? We'll all find out today, won't we?

Putting a gloss on **** doesn't make it less ****, it is just **** with gloss on it.

So, what are the real numbers of the dogs and cats they have gassed over the years, before they SUPPOSEDLY became a no-kill shelter? Hmmmmmmm?

so you MUST work for the New Rochelle Inhumane Society and DO know how many dogs and cats are gassed each year.

So, you also must know that they are not now a no-kill shelter. I'll let everyone know today.

Oh, and remember, the buck stops with Idoni II and animals - so let us know what the REAL number of dogs and cats being gassed each year in the sewer that is New Rochelle is, bub - and animals are being killed under his watch.

The NRHS takes in over 500 dogs and 700 cats each, bub, is it 499 dogs and 699 cats that are gassed each year? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????????????????


You're going to let us know? Please do.

You lie and I question your grasp of reality to begin with anyway after your hysterical rants...

Please keep your gripes with any politician within the scope of what that politician does.

Can you read? - the Board of Directors sets policy and standards for the NRHS staff to follow and implement. The city, other than providing the facility has no input on policy or any other operational matters.

No, I am not employed by the NRHS.

Robert Cox's picture

The line you refer to is from the NRHS press release for the event.

I do not know anything about the NRHS except that my daughter volunteered there. Feel free to write your own article about your concerns.

Lets put the blame where it should be, the former owners who allow pets to have litter after litter and those who discard their pets like trash.

Oh, not going to happen?

Then force all the politicians to not take any more bribes from the pet mill lobbyists.

Oh, not going to happen?

So, what's your suggestion now?

At least New Rochelle, former Queen City of the Sound, now a sewer, can not euthanize their animals.

Supposedly they are now a no-kill shelter. I can't wait to call them and find out.

The New Rochelle Humane Society is a no kill shelter. They take in more that they can handle. Not a great fan of his or the current administration, I can tell you that Noam has nothing to do with this place other than supporting it.

Yesterday was a packed house, filled with pet owners and their pets, many who were rescued from the New Rochelle Humane Society . . . just like mine. The Dog Wash not only serves to wash our pets, but is also a reunion for many of these animals and their owners. Most importantly, it's a fundraiser. The dollars contributed towards this event helps run the place which, by the way, is almost entirely volunteer driven.

While many stayed inside or went to the pool, beach, etc., these volunteers gave up their time to help a great cause on a really hot day. This organization would not survive without them.

Kudos to all the volunteers for making it a great day.

When did the New Rochelle Inhumane Society become a no kill shelter?

I'll have to call them today to find out.

I'll post back and apologize if I'm wrong.

Otherwise, I'll be sure to let you know if you're wrong.

Noam is still Idoni II, and needs to go, dead animals or no dead animals.

Not only will you post the TRUTH.
You will apologize for your FALSE and SLANDEROUS remarks.

Straight from their webste:
The New Rochelle Humane Society is a no-kill, limited admission organization

This subject got bumped bacause os spam, however, It made me read the comments.

USED, own up and apologize.

PS, your fervent replies to this topic make you look a ittle unhinged, so, I am not exzpecting you to reply.

WE are fortunate to have this shelter in our midst. It is true that they reach out to other shelters and take in unwanted animals. I know people in organizations such as Larchmont Pet Rescue who confirm what you say.

Anyway, this is a facility that could use all of our support. Like with so many other things in society, they do pick up the pieces of cruel, thoughtless owners and also, step in in many heart wrenching examples of sad people who have to turn over their pets because of expense consideration.

I wish there was a way to make pet ownership less expensive. Even rescuing a pound animal comes at a stiff price as does veternarian services. Yet, our local shelter does well under even these circumstances and the recent event was great by all accounts and I hope there are many more to come.

Let me reiterate as a pet owner that they are literally members of a family, often provide companionship as well as protection.

This should be an organization supported by the entire community and one that benefits from educating families as well as providing whatever assistance possible to money-strapped citizens.

I read years earlier that an enterprising pound would provide medical care, food, etc. for bartering services. For examaple, so many hours of volunteer services for some needed assistance.

Keep your dogs on a leash, your cats indoors, neuter or spay your pets, and support your local animal facility.

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