New Rochelle IDA Chair Marianne Sussman Disputes Talk of the Sound Report on IDA Staffing Changes, Calls Article "Defamatory"

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New Rochelle IDA Chair Marianne Sussman Disputes Talk of the Sound Report on IDA Staffing Changes, Calls Article "Defamatory"

July 30, 2010 - 02:56

New Rochelle IDA Chairperson Marianne Sussman read a statement at the New Rochelle IDA Meeting tonight regarding a recent Talk of the Sound article about staffing changes at the IDA. She called the report "erroneous". After the meeting she stated that she believed the article to be defamatory.

Statement by Marianne Sussman regarding a report in Talk of the Sound on recent staffing changes in the New Rochelle IDA.

After our last meeting an Internet site published an erroneous story about staffing of our agency. The story was procured without any verification of facts with any member of the board or the city or board staff. So with no investigation it attributed totally incorrect reasons for our recent staffing changes.

For the record I will state the facts about our staffing changes. The partial reassignment of our Executive Director has no relationship whatsoever to the State Comptroller's audit report. In fact, it was determined to make change even before we received a draft of the audit report. Our Executive Director has taken on additional responsibilities in the planning office in order to cope with a staff interruption in that area of our department of development which was caused by a retirement and a maternity leave

He was assigned to responsibilities for which he has ample training and experience.

Also at our last meeting our new Commissioner of Development was appointed as Assistant Secretary of this Agency. This is in keeping with his desire to take a proactive role in economic development and the advice of the IDA's legal counsel that such a title would enable him to interface directly with this board.

I just wanted that to be on the record I think that is a situation where the information had to be corrected.

Sussamn's statement is referencing the following article:

New Rochelle IDA Executive Director Schulman Removed in Wake of Daming Comptroller Audit of City Agency

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How she wins that district each year is beyond belief. Maybe her handling or mishandling of the IDA will change things. Here's hoping for a complete removal of the democrats on the council and the return of accountability (and perhaps the FBI to see what's been going on for the last 7 years)

The New Rochelle IDA is an extension of Bramson ceremonial Mayoralty.How does a guy who is supposed to officiate at weddings and cut a Ribbon or two weild this much power behind the scenes. In Placing Sussman his Council Voting Gemini as IDA Chair along with Chuck Strome the IDA Sergeant of arms sort of gives him a bit of control as to who gets the deals. All while having a very weak impotent Shulman as the poster boy for the Shamm NRIDA he is just the guy putting his signature on the documents sent off to the ABO office. Here Jerry just sign here everything is ok and in order. Who would you think would take the fall for the slap on the wrist they got from the Comptrollers report. Without a change in the way IDA's are allowed to freely dole out PILOTS at the will of our Ceremonial mayor you can bet the Party will continue. The Tax Payers footing the bill for some pretty stupid tax incentive given to the same old Lou Cappelli and Joe Apicella. The truth is you have not seen this kind of deal making and unethical use of tax payer funds since Boss Tweed roamed lower Manhattan. Until sweeping changes occur within Albany to force IDA to not just be accountable but to truly be seperate from local government you are going to just have to catch them every step of the way. The Citizens need to call for Sussman to resign Strome to resign and for the Mayor to know we are focused on every sneaky move he makes. Albany is Dysfunctional so don't expect your State representatives to make any changes they are not rocking any boats they are looking to figure out how to get another term in office.
The New Rochelle IDA must be disbanded it is an extension of the Mayor and it gives him the ability to or at least the sense of this is my game, my court and my ball even if we taxpayers are footing the bill.