New Rochelle Man Arrested for Public Lewdness

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New Rochelle Man Arrested for Public Lewdness

July 22, 2015 - 13:26

Jose A. Solis Mendoza.

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- A 22-year old New Rochelle man, by way of Mexico, was arrested at 176 Union Avenue on Monday July 13th at about 1:30 pm and charged with public lewdness. a misdemeanor.

Witnesses told police that while they sat on their front porch a Hispanic male, wearing a grey t-shirt and shorts, approximately 30 years of age, walked by three times. On the third time, he stopped and began to masturbate, with his penis out of his pants, as he stared at them. 

Witnesses said the man began to walk away once he realized they were calling the police. One witness provided police with a surveillance video of the entire incident. Police confirmed the video showed a Hispanic male approach the front of the home while making a stroking motion around his private area.

Police canvassed the area and located a party at 175 Union Avenue matching the description provided by witnesses.

Police questioned the man, Jose A. Solis Mendoza.

Solis told police he was at the gasoline station on Webster Avenue where he was buying a Gatorade for his pregnant wife. He was not in possession of a Gatorade. Police noted in their report that Solis's pants zipper was down as he was interviewed.

One of the witnesses was able to positively identify Solis as the Hispanic male who was masturbating in front of her house. Solis was read his rights in Spanish and placed under arrest. Informed he was captured on video, Solis told police he was urinating. Solis was charged with Public Lewdness, given a return date of July 13th and released.

Polic reported that Jose A. Solis Mendoza is not married, is not a U.S. citizen, he is a foreign non-resident, does not have a social security number, was born in Michocan, Mexico and was alcholol impaired at the time of his arrest.