New Rochelle Man Hit with Multiple DWI Charges

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New Rochelle Man Hit with Multiple DWI Charges

September 28, 2015 - 18:36

Gerard Henderson

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle police arrested Gerard Henderson on charges of driving while intoxicated shortly before noon on September 17 on North Avenue in New Rochelle.

Police observed a vehicle driving by Henderson making an illegal U-turn across the double yellow line and began traveling northbound on North Avenue. There is a no U-turn sign clearly visible at incident location.

Police ran a license check and determined that although the license was valid Mr. Henderson had lost his license privileges its license privileges revoked. Anderson is on a restriction of an interlocking device being required when operating a motor vehicle.

Please observed Henderson to be sweaty, his eyes were glassy, and when he exited the vehicle his body movements appeared stiff and robotic. Anderson was asked if he was sick or under the influence of alcohol or drugs and he stated no that he stopped drinking several hours earlier. Henderson stated that he knew his privileges to drive in New York State were revoked and he was not allowed to operate a vehicle that was not equipped with an interlocking device. He was then placed under arrest. Anderson submitted to a chemical test to determine his blood-alcohol content. He refused a urine test for drugs.

Henderson was issue five traffic violations. DWI drugs, Aggravated Unlicensed Operator, Disobeyed a Traffic Control Device, No Seatbelt, Driver, Operating a Vehicle That is not Equipped with an Interlock Device.