New Rochelle Man Promises to Stop Buying Crack if Police Let Him Go

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New Rochelle Man Promises to Stop Buying Crack if Police Let Him Go

July 27, 2015 - 15:55

Billy J. Wilson

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- A New Rochelle man charged with narcotics possession proposed a deal that local police officers found less than enticing: don’t arrest me now and I won’t buy crack cocaine anymore. Despite the offer, Billy J. Wilson was arrested by the New Rochelle police and charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, a Class A misdemeanor. The arrest came following a stop on Memorial Highway after Wilson was observed buying drugs at Heritage Homes shortly after midnight on July 24th.

Police first observed Wilson walking down northbound on Brook Street. Wilson did not have any items in his hand. Police watched as Wilson walked onto Colonel Lee Archer Boulevard at Heritage Homes and approach an unknown Male/Black.

Wilson and the unknown Male/Black then walked into a small alleyway but were still within view of police. Wilson made a hand to hand exchange after which the pair exited the alleyway and went in separate directions.

Wilson then left the Heritage Homes and began walking down Memorial Highway where officers approached Wilson to speak with him. As one officer stopped his vehicle to speak with Wilson, he was observed immediately removing his right hand from his pocket and opened his hand, appearing to drop something on the ground.

When asked to produce identification, Wilson complied. Asked where he was coming from, Wilson stated that he gets free pizza from Dominoes pizza and was just bringing pizza to his friends on Heritage Lane. Asked to provide the names of the friends he gave the pizza to, Wilson stated that he did not know their names. Advised that he was observed walking onto Colonel Lee Archer Boulevard without any pizza in his hand, Wilson then stated that he went and told his friends that he would bring the pizza tomorrow.

Wilson volunteered that he did not have anything on him and offered to be searched. Police searched the ground and located a small clear bag containing crack cocaine on the ground next to Wilson. Presented with the bag, Wilson stated "that's a rock but it isn't mine".

After Wilson was placed under arrest, Wilson told officers, "If you let me go tonight I promise I won't buy anymore crack". Officers declined the offer. Wilson was transported to New Rochelle police headquarters without incident, read his rights, booked, processed and then released on his own recognizance

Wilson was given an appearance ticket to return before the New Rochelle City Court on July 29, 2015.