New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Secures Democratic Nomination for Westchester County Executive

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New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson Secures Democratic Nomination for Westchester County Executive

April 25, 2013 - 05:20

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Congratulations, Noam Bramson, for receiving the Democratic nomination for Westchester County Executive.

I hope to see you elected to that position, in November.

is that you?

Noam Bramson is now one step closer to pushing his national sustainability plan which includes creating small, expensive apartments around transit hubs. His goal is to eliminate middle class America and kill the notion of single family home ownership. Only the upper class will be able to own homes and cars and live away from congested, noisy downtown areas.

His sustainability plan has done so much for New Rochelle and it bound to have similar effects on the County. It has driven up taxes, added fees, cut municipal services to the core, and broke the backs of middle class property owners who initially came to New Rochelle to enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle. He is, and will continue to drive the middle class into the lower class and cause more and more people to depend on government services to survive. In short, he is looking to change America--this Agenda 21--the 21st century according to ICLEI

You mean his pal Idoni made SURE he got the nomination?


WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey citizens of New Rochelle, don't forget to vote in Idoni III!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a long time (40 plus years) New Rochelle resident, I have waited patiently for this town to come back to what it should be. I am still waiting. Mayor Bramson, in my humble opinion has produced absolutely nothing of substance in his terms as Mayor, unless of course you consider bike lanes a major accomplishment.
More of the same from the prior administration, tax increases, cronyism and excuses.Zero meaningful development while towns around us are moving forward. Yonkers has Ridge Hill and an Apple Store, we have New Roc and Applebees. Let me say this, I am a life long democrat and I will not under any circumstance vote for Bramson for County Executive. He has produced nothing in New Rochelle and I have no reason to think that will change on the county level. Astorino has made a great effort to start moving this county in the right direction. Noam Bramson is not the answer to the problems the county faces, he is not even the answer to the problems that New Rochelle faces.

you also are intelligent and aware.

Sadly, New Rochelle is done, irreparable. Stick a fork in it.

You and I will only see New Rochelle slide further into the oozing morass where the corrupt thieving politics has sunk it for more than 30 years.

THIRTY YEARS+!!!!!!!!!

Imagine a citizenry that sits by for THIRTY YEARS+ and becomes complacent about crooks and thieves and allows their city to be the festering boil of Westchester.

They SHOULD be ashamed. Sadly, they will vote in Idoni III and allow three more terms of the same.

New Rochelle's main downtown commercial problems were created in the period from 1958-76 or so, which is to say prior to 30 years ago.

The sources of the problems were caused by the following:

- Construction and opening of I-95, causing traffic to bypass New Rochelle, whereas prior to 1958 US Rt 1 was the main thoroughfare. The problem was compounded by putting the Toll Booth between New Rochelle and the rest of Westchester.

- Destruction of Mechanic St, turning a vibrant commercial street into the commercial wasteland of Memorial Highway, around 1961.

- Destruction of City Hall on the corner of Mechanic St / Main St, moving it to its current location at the old Albert Leonard JHS.

- Construction and opening of 'The Mall' in 1968. When I was a Senior in NRHS, I was working at Thom McAn's Shoes in the Mall, the day the Mall opened. There were many shoe stores in the Mall, but most of those businesses and other stores, moved from Main St and Huguenot St to the Mall, which caused many of those commercial properties to become chronically vacant. If 'The Mall' had bothered to bring new stores into New Rochelle, rather than moving them from Main St, New Rochelle would have thrived.

- The NR Chamber of Commerce has always ignorantly, small-mindedly, feared competitive shopping, and has chased away major businesses interested in moving here. Consumers prefer competitive shopping, so they travel to White Plains, Central Ave and even nearby Co-op City.

- There has long been insufficient parking available in downtown NR. People don't like shopping here, not only because parking is hard to find and expensive, but additionally because NR is overly-zealous, sticking shoppers with parking tickets.

- There is no connection betweem downtown New Rochelle and the Cross County and Hutchison Pkwys, despite plans to create connections in the 1920's and 1960's. Until this is accomplished, there will be no hope for a vibrant commercial downtown New Rochelle.

Other communities, including Portchester and n Mount Vernon have moved forward and NR could have done so as well. The problem in NR is that Bramson is focused exclusively on residential development in order to fulfill his GreeNR plan.

That's total crap.

New Rochelle had it's chance in the late 60's, when they chased out Arnold Constable and Bloomingdales with their "Downtown" vision. They pulled the trigger instead on a Mall with one Macy's, six hundred shoe stores, incense shops, and a movie theatre.

How'd that work out? No wait. It gets better.

Now that same real estate has 57 movie theaters, some game room/sports activity/ garbage, and essentially, no tax revenue for the city of any significance.

Brilliant design.

Drive over to downtown White Plains and visit what could've been for New Rochelle.

Can't wait to see what kind of bullshit Gnome runs his campaign on as Fordham Road creeps ever northward on U.S. 1.

Maybe he can do for the County what he's done for New Rochelle.


Noam is Nita's boy? I didn't realize that.

Shame on you, Nita.

He won't have to worry about the County - Tim has done nothing since he oozed his way into his corner office and Noam will be happy to do the same. All Noam has to do is lick Tim'

Is that you?

Does Noam write your script, Brian?

I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat.

I follow no one's scripts, nor am I aware of any scripts being offered.

I tend to think of the Republicans as being the ones scripted, and with obvious, trite 'talking points'. I hear or read them from Republican Senators, Congresspersons, and from their toadies on Fox News.

Republicans have to be organized to win elections. They are good at coming up with quick, simplistic, repeated catch phrases. Republicans have tended to be better at bringing out the vote efforts, despite the depreciating number of Republican registered voters. And so sometimes, local Republicans win elections, even when there is an opposing candidate.

Democrats tend to be too disorganized for such scripting and talking points. Instead, we rely on the general popularity of progressive politics, and hope that brings out the vote - and it usually does.

Brian stop the crap you are sounding like what Bramson and the DEms say on council about the republicans there always living in the past that avalon is a non issue nor was all the tax give aways they gave. Brian your living in the past move on who cares what happened 25 years ago etc etc.
Come on Brian these are your boys speaking. OPPS i guess the republicans were right the DEMS ruined this city get over it BRIAN.

Voter inattention has long been the source of New Rochelle's downtown problems, since the early 1960's.

The North End was converted from farm land, basically from the early 1950's thru the 1970's but mostly by the mid-1960's.

This caused the center of population, and of wealth, to move closer to Scarsdale, Yonkers and White Plains, while further from downtown New Rochelle. However, into the mid-1970's downtown New Rochelle benefitted from commerce by many babyboomers, but most eventually moved out.

Today, many North End residents have no sense of New Rochelle, except for the school system, sanitation, police and fire departments. They pay taxes, get excellent services, and are satisfied.

They don't listen much to WVOX, and there's not much to learn from the Journal Snooze.

Additionally, much of New Rochelle's population works outside of NR, and are only present in NR at night. But downtown New Rochelle largely closes down at night, due to deliberate anti-business policies of City Hall. New Rochelle needs more night time cultural activities and less limits on business hours, south of Lincoln Ave.

In 1990, when I was advocating against City Hall destroying Huguenot St, I suggested that a better place for new buildings and more parking, was over the thruway and railway right-of-ways. Had that been done, Huguenot and Division St wouldn't have been destroyed, leaving no reason for the two Avalons to have been built. And we would have benefitted from the construction over I-95 / NHRR for the last 20 years.

There has ALWAYS been insufficient parking in downtown New Rochelle. We can still benefit from such construction now.

As to blame, the Republicans tended to run NR until 1992, and most of New Rochelle's current downtown problems were caused by what occurred prior to 1992. NR's glory days were from 1945-1973 or so.

In the last 20 years, I haven't seen much improvement downtown, other than for the large, increasing number, quality and ethnic range of its restaurants. If only New Rochelle City Hall policy would be more generous to cabaret licenses and night culture, the restaurants would be the magnet to draw more people into downtown.

I don't think the downtown problems relate to specific political parties, nor is it liberal vs conservative. Rather, it is due to some irrational, puritanical, governmental perspective, that there is something wrong with people enjoying spending money in downtown New Rochelle, at night.

And the problem largely exists because much of New Rochelle's population rarely comes downtown, and pays little attention to what is occurring in, or due to, City Hall. Which is exactly why we need night culture downtown, to draw in our residents living uptown.

"a state of uncertainty or indecision as to what to do in a difficult situation"
Clearly having Noam Bramson leave New Rochelle is a quandary. That is unless he is running for President of the Planet Pluto and wins. If he wins we get more of the same crony politics with taxes sure to rise on the county level and lots of projects to satisfy even the most Left of the Left. And of Course Barry Fertel. If he looses we get to keep the free world leader of the .99cent store empire. And Barry Fertel.
Does he take the Boss Tweed act to the Country Level although at least he will be on the hook for what he brings. Obviously the County Executive is not Ceremonial. But here in New Rochelle he rides the ceremonial fence while playing dictator of New Rochelle behind the Curtain @ City Hall. Frankly all I could come up with is throwing up this morning.

Congrats, Ken Lewis.

You are intelligent and aware.

Congratulations, Noam Bramson, for receiving the Democratic nomination for Westchester County Executive.

I really hope you win so New Rochelle can start to become a way better place with you, the only bad thing is Glen Island will fall in to decay then probably sink in to the sound from your neglect, just like city yard and the Armory.