New Rochelle Mayor Will Not Discuss an Open Proposal for the Shelter

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New Rochelle Mayor Will Not Discuss an Open Proposal for the Shelter

June 05, 2014 - 14:52


The Oasis shelter needs to be fixed, and no one is questioning the need for a day program. But if you wanted a house built, and were told by a prospective contractor that they had no experience building houses, their last project fell down, but it was ok because they had ran a successful hot dog stand, would you let them go ahead? Or would you search for a different option first? Apparently, if you were the New Rochelle mayor's office you would. Of course, it makes a difference if you are friendly with the contractor.

After three weeks of the mayors office not answering their calls, after a meeting where they were supposed to present their proposal to the mayor but instead were met with the director of Hope as well, June 4rth, the day after the article about the shelter came out the mayor's office finally called Dimensions.

Mr. Rye, the executive director of the Empowerment Center, which runs the program suddenly got a call telling him that there is no point in further discussion because the mayor has no intention of having an open proposal, he has "already decided" that Hope and Westcop will get more money next Tuesday. Before people get to speak at the open city council meeting. Dimensions and any other organization that has experience running day programs deserves to be heard before a decision is made.

What gives him the right to make a decision like that, especially given his connections to the people who run Oasis? Mayors are usually on the local advisory boards of Westcop. Go to their website, be treated to a smorgasbord of pictures of him, and few of any other mayors. What harm would an open proposal do? What harm could letting people speak at the meeting do unless there is something to hide? Please call ((914) 654-2150) and let the mayors office know that this is not acceptable. We will not give up, and this is not a prize to give to the most connected, this is a moral issue that affects people's lives.