New Rochelle Police on Alert Following Reports of Vulgar, Highly Sexualized Teen Scavenger Hunt Planned for Columbus Day Weekend

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New Rochelle Police on Alert Following Reports of Vulgar, Highly Sexualized Teen Scavenger Hunt Planned for Columbus Day Weekend

October 04, 2016 - 22:16
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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle Police will be on alert this weekend following reports that New Rochelle High School students have planned a heavily sexualized “Road Rally” event similar to a scavenger hunt involving drugs, alcohol and public nudity.  The activities are planned to take place throughout New Rochelle including on private property, public streets, and school grounds. 

The event is described as a contest “involving many high school students, mostly seniors”, where they “earn” points by video taping themselves in certain activities that range from silly (“Put the underwear you’re wearing on your head”), to rude (“Take food off someone’s plate, take a bite and put it back”) , to dangerous (“Twerk on the roof of a car - double if car is moving”). Many of the activities are sexual in nature ranging from performing certain acts while naked or engaging in sexual acts including, in one case, with animals. Many involve alcohol and drug use and all encourage or require students to be naked while performing the activities to earn the maximum number of “points”.

Under the “rules” of the event, teams of six students drive around New Rochelle, drinking and getting high, while performing activities which, to qualify, must be recorded using a video camera (iPhones are, for some reason, prohibited). Dozens of activities, listed across three pages, are broken down into categories of point values with asterisks denoting activities eligible for bonus points if performed naked.

City Manager Charles B. Strome told Talk of the Sound the New Rochelle Police Department is aware of the planned Road Rally. The Patrol Division has been advised and will be monitoring the situation.

“Any illegal activity reported or observed will be investigated and enforcement will be taken where appropriate,” said Captain Robert Gazzola. “Likewise any disorderly or disruptive behavior will be dealt with as deemed necessary.”

The event was first disclosed in a letter to Talk of the Sound from a “Concerned Parent” detailing the event, planned for this Sunday, and providing screen grabs of a Road Rally checklist. The letter states, and police and school sources confirm, that a similar event was held last year, on the Sunday before Columbus Day. Students posted images, videos and accounts of their exploits after last year’s event — sometimes topless or naked, in or near public establishments and performing dangerous stunts. Last year, police officers detained a number of students who were turned over to school security, sources say.

Some of the activities entail interactions with parents. and parents of students appear to be involved directly or tacitly, holding “after” parties in which students arrive highly intoxicated, under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Many of the descriptions of activities are extremely vulgar and explicit. Those who might be offended may not wish to read further. Some involve slang terms (see,

Some of the activities involve private property such as “Teepee a house”, “Egg someone’s car”, “Smash a mailbox”, “Shit on someone’s lawn”, “Piss on Thomas Payne (sic)”, “Jump in someone’s pool (all team mates)”.

Some of the activities involve physical and sexual assault such as “Kick a Junior in the nuts“, “Tie a freshman to a tree”, "Tackle a football player", “Let Judge G punch you in the face”, “Grab a stranger’s ass”, and "Wet willy a stranger".

Some of the activities are simply rude such as “Ask a fat lady when she’s due”, “Fart in an underclassman’s face”, “Convince a stranger to smell your shoe”, and “Shit in a pizza box and give it to a stranger”.

Some of the activities involving ingesting items such as “Eat a cigarette”, “Eat a goldfish (Alive)”, “Take a shot of the High School lake”, “Drink your own pee”, “Drink toilet water” and “Eat a handful of turf”.

Some of the activities are more akin to juvenile pranks such as “Dye your hair purple” and “Run around the lake wearing a diaper” while some have sexual overtones, such as “Pull a condom over your head”, “Suck on someone’s toes”, “Buy a pack of condoms and 5 cucumbers with your whole team” and “Deep throat a banana”.

Some of the activities are overtly sexual including “Take someone’s virginity”, “Hook up with a baseball player”, “Hook up with a current McDonalds employee”, “Hook up with an underclassman”, “Cock slap (redacted name of a specific student)”, “Get road head (Must be driving)”, “Stick a vegetable in your pussy”, “Let a dog lick peanut butter off your dick”, “Lick whip cream off a teammates dick”, “Finger a ginger”, “Titty fuck a teammate”, “motorboat a teammate”, “motorboat Judge A”, and “Blumpkin (perform oral sex while other person is defecating) with another team’s member ”.

Some of the activities involve nudity or have strong sexual overtones including “Flash the Taco Bell drive thru window”, “Run naked through Iona campus”, “Naked piggy back race”, “Jump rope naked”, “Team naked picture”, “Climb a tree (naked)”, “Jump on trampoline naked (all team members)”, “Get your boobs painted purple (Double for full body)”, “Lick a Junior’s nipple”, “Shave a teammate’s ass cheek”, “Give a judge a lap dance”, “Kiss a parent (not your own)”, "Kiss a teammate of the same gender", “Tape someones pubes on your upper lip”, and “Put icy hot on your genitals” and “Pull a ScarSave and send Ev nudes” (unclear what this means other than it sounds like electronically transmitting nude images).

Some of the activities involve drug use including “Roll a blunt/joint on someone’s butt”, “Light a blunt with MFI (MFI, meaning unknown)”, “Eat a weed edible”, “Eat a blunt roach”, “Light a blunt inside McDonalds”, “Bring the judges an eighth of dank (highly potent marijuana)”, “Hotbox a car (smoking marijuana in a small enclosed area, causing it to fill with smoke in order to maximize the effect)”

Some of the activities involve alcohol including “Chug a beer through a funnel”, “Shotgun a beer on any roof”, “Take a shot with a parent”, "Take a body shot", “Bring the judges a six pack”, “Chug a Four Loko”, and “Team 40oz chug”.

Some of the activities are dangerous including “Twerk on the roof of a car (double if car is moving)”, “Ghost ride the whip" (a person exits their moving vehicle, and dances beside and around the now empty car, also known as car surfing) and “Chinese fire drill on North Avenue”.

Schools Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne, advised of the situation, declined to comment for this article.

Road Rally Activities and Points List

UPDATE: WCBS-TV Channel 2 News took the story, Lou Young reports:

New Rochelle Residents Not Pleased About Raunchy, Sexually Charged High School Scavenger Hunt List