New Rochelle Police Arrest Suspect in Parking Pay Station Vandal Case

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New Rochelle Police Arrest Suspect in Parking Pay Station Vandal Case

January 10, 2012 - 18:27

Duc DoNew Rochelle police have made an arrest of a suspect in the parking pay station vandal case. Police were able to use an image from a surveillance camera installed in one of the pay stations to identify a man who works nearby and was said to be angry over receiving parking tickets. "He was distressed over the level of parking enforcement", said New Rochelle Police Detective Captain Joseph Schaller. "He had picked up several parking tickets in that lot." Duc Huang "Jimmy" Do, 38 of 2590 Grand Avenue in the Bronx was arrested last night as he walked near the Prospect Street parking lot. Police say he was acting suspiciously. His jacket matched an image taken by a surveillance camera last week just prior to a machine in the Library lot was disabled on January 2, 2012. Do was charged with criminal mischief, 2nd degree, a D felony on January 9, 2012 for the damage done to the parking pay stations in the Library lot and Prospect Street lot on January 2, 2012 as well as the previous attacks in 2011 on October 6th, May 16th and February 11th.

Do, a naturalized American citizen, born in Vietnam, is believed to be an owner where he works at the Exotic Nails 4 You Salon at 505 Main Street in downtown New Rochelle. Parking Pay Station Suspect 057 The blue liquid running down the side of the meter (visible in the photo below) was said to be a type of blue sticky fluid used in nail salons. Parking Pay Station 1 058 Talk of the Sound has been reporting exclusively on the Parking Pay Station Vandal. New Rochelle Parking Meter Vandal Strikes for 4th Times in 10 Months, 5 of 6 Machines Across Two Downtown Lots Now Out of Service October 2011: Deja Vu All Over Again as New Rochelle Parking Pay Stations Disabled by Vandals for Third Time in 8 Months May 2011: Machines in Library Lot hit by Vandals Again March 2011: New Rochelle Library Parking Pay Stations Vandalized, Damage and Lack of Enforcement Will Cost City Over Ten Thousand Dollars


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This just goes to show everyone that cameras are needed all over the city to catch DIRTBAGS like this.The police comm. has the money so why the hold-up its time to move.

But everyone enjoyed the FREE parking!  I don't know if I'd call him a dirtbag, more like a hero to all the people who've been wrongly (even rightly) ticketed! 

I avoid downtown most of the time as there's plenty of free parking & better stores to choose from elsewhere plus you save 1% on your sales tax bill outside of NR.

Robert Cox's picture

This guy is no hero. He costs the City of New Rochelle about $50,000 not to mention the manhours involved including monitoring that area.

For the record, we were aware that a camera has been installed ( you can see it on the machine if you look closely). This feature should have been installed from Day 1.

What this case shows is that when you have the right tool for the job you can get results. The NRPD nailed this guy within a few days after the first time he attacked the machine AFTER the camera was installed. What does that tell you?

Good job NRPD! Bad job whoever ordered the original machines. Good job to whoever got the cameras installed, finally!.

Last note, as it was going on it sure seemed like this was not random but an act of protest against the parking situation in downtown New Rochelle. Now that this guy has been caught and, apparently, admitted he acted because he was upset about getting parking tickets, it looks like this was a sort of political protest.

What do you think?

But I don't necessarily want to live in a police state either with cameras everywhere watching everyone's movements.  And the camera didn't come free and had to be installed by someone. 

How many quarter’s will it take to recoup that money or will Judge Kettner (is she still on the bench and a member of the bar?) order the defendant to make restitution to the city while throwing the book at him before he goes up the river? 

But while on the subject of cameras, no I won't go any farther, don't want to give away any bad money making ideas to the city. 

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Well, one thing's for sure--he's no Charlie Chan.

Noam needs a buzzer like the one Drew Carey uses on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"   That way, when someone at Citizens to be Heard says something he doesn't like, he can just lean on the buzzer and hit the switch for the trap door.