New Rochelle Police Blotter – February 9, 2016

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New Rochelle Police Blotter – February 9, 2016

February 10, 2016 - 04:51
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Cablevision Employee Sexually Assaults Elderly Woman: A New Rochelle woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a Cablevision employee Dec. 15, 2015 but didn’t report the incident until Jan. 19, according to a police report. The victim told police the employee came to her home to install cable Dec. 14, and after completing the job, left her home about 30 minutes later. Between 12:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. the following morning, the same man entered the woman’s home, woke her up and allegedly sexually assaulted her, the police report said. The woman got the man’s name and number from a packet he left at her home after he installed the cable, the report said. She told police her spare key was missing and believed the man must have used her spare keys to gain entry to her apartment. She also told police that she didn’t immediately report the incident because she had a bad experience with an investigation involving a similar incident that occurred in June 2015. A Cablevision supervisor told her to contact the police. 

Special Needs Child Allegedly Inappropriately Touches Female Child: New Rochelle Police filed an event report following a complaint that a special needs child allegedly touched a 10-year-old female inappropriately Jan. 14. The victim’s mother told police that she believes the boy worked at Remington Boys Club. 

Unknown Female Steals Man’s Vehicle after Leaving Local Bar: New Rochelle Police responded to a report of a stolen vehicle at approximately 4 a.m. Jan. 22, according to a police report. The complainant told police he believed a woman he met at Black Bear Bar in White Plains and brought to his home in New Rochelle allegedly stole his blue, 2005 Honda Accord. The complainant told police he had just met the woman and asked her to go to his home. The unknown woman agreed to leave with the complainant and the two took a taxi around 1:30 a.m., according to the report. They entered the complainant’s home through the garage car where his car was parked. The complainant told police he fell asleep between 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. When he woke up, he discovered the woman had left his home and his car keys were missing, the police report said. The complainant told police his vehicle was also missing from the garage, along with his wallet, the remote control for the garage door, $60 and his debit card, all of which were contained in his vehicle. The police then spoke to the complainants mother and step father, who also live at the home, and they told police they did not hear a female in the house but did hear the garage door open around 3 a.m. Police checked tow logs, and asked about the woman’s condition after she left the bar, the report said. The complainant told police the woman was very intoxicated when they arrived at his home. Police checked the missing vehicle with two vehicles that had crashed into multiple vehicles on the border of New Rochelle and Pelham around 3:30 a.m. Police found that one of the vehicles involved in the crashes was the vehicle missing from the complainant’s home but the occupants of the car had fled the scene, the police report said. When the complainant was taken to the scene, he immediately identified the vehicle as his own.

Man Assaults Wife, Leaves Home: New Rochelle Police responded to the scene of alleged physical dispute Jan. 21. The complainant told police she had a verbal argument with her husband, which escalated to a physical fight. The woman told police that when her son intervened, her husband allegedly grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the floor. The woman told police her husband also prevented her son from calling the police by repeatedly knocking the phone from his hand. After the altercation, the man left the room and went outside, the police report stated. The woman told police she followed her husband to the car and tried to stop him from taking it but her son grabbed her from the car as her husband put the car in reverse with her inside the vehicle. The woman was taken to Montefiore, where she was treated for a sprained right arm and was released. Police could not locate the woman’s husband, who was described as approximately 6-feet tall and 190 pounds, the police report stated. He was last seen wearing a red sweat shirt and black sweat pants. Police told the woman to pursue the matter in family court, the police report said.

Facebook “Friends” Assault and Rob Man: A New Rochelle man was allegedly assaulted and robbed by six men Jan. 19, most of whom were his friends on Facebook, while he sat in his car at New Rochelle High School. The victim identified three of the suspects at police headquarters. After identifying three of the suspects, he told police he no longer wished to pursue the matter because having the “friends” arrested would cause problems for him later. He refused to look at photos the police prepared for him, the police report said. The victim also refused to go to police headquarters and provide a written statement about his unwillingness to pursue the matter. The case was closed.

Caller Claiming to be IRS Employee Steals Money from Woman: A New Rochelle woman was allegedly robbed of $6,000 Jan. 19 by someone who claimed to be from the IRS. The woman told police she received a call about 9 a.m. from someone who told her that she owed money to the IRS. The caller told the woman she would be arrested if she did not pay the fine, the police report said. The woman, who followed the caller’s instructions, sent at total of $6,000 to the caller from three separate MoneyGram locations between 10:30 a.m. and noon.

Identity Thieves Purchase Cell Phones Using Man’s Name: A New Rochelle man’s name and social security number were allegedly used by an unknown suspect to purchase a cell phone and three credit card accounts from Sprint Mobile just before 2 p.m. Jan. 21. The complainant told police that he received a phone call from Sprint Mobile, who then told him about the purchases. The complainant told police that his name, date of birth and social security number was used to make the purchases. He told police that he never applied for credit cards and did not buy the cell phone. 

Man Loses Wallet at Home Depot, Credit Card Charged: A man lost his wallet Jan. 20 in Home Depot, 55 Weyman Ave, and after returning home, called his bank and learned that it had been used without his permission. The man told police he purchased molding then went to the restroom. When he returned from the restroom, the complainant realized that his wallet was missing, he told police, however, no one at the store reported having found the wallet, which contained his driver’s license, $110 and two credit cards, he told police. After arriving home a short time later, he called Bank of America to cancel his credit card, and the representative told him two additional purchases were made, which he said he did not authorize, the police report said. The bank did not tell the man the location of the purchases, however, one was a $36 charge from a local pizzeria, the report said. He told police he did not know if he dropped his wallet inside the store or if he was pick-pocketed. He also told police that an Hispanic male in his 30s, wearing a charcoal sweatshirt, stood next to him while he was in the restroom. 

Unknown Suspect Opens Fraudulent Credit Card Account: New Rochelle Police responded to a complainant who said someone allegedly opened a credit card account to The Children’s Place on Jan. 19 using his name and charged $763 at a store in New Jersey, according to a police report. He told police the credit card company told him to contact police and watch for other unauthorized accounts.

Thieves Steal Toiletries from Shopping Cart: A New Rochelle woman told police toiletries, valued at $14.88, were allegedly stolen from her shopping cart at 9 a.m. Jan. 19 from Shoprite, 8 Joyce Road. The complainant told police that after purchasing the items, she answered her cell phone. When she ended the call, she realized that someone had taken her shopping cart. When she complained to the manager, he told her he didn’t have access to the security camera. When she returned to the store later, the manager told her he didn’t see the alleged theft on tape, the police report said. 

Two Arrested for Drugs, Driving While Intoxicated: New Rochelle Police arrested Justin D. Burton, 25, of New Rochelle, Jan. 14 at 345 Main St. and charged with possessing a controlled substance, fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of marijuana, obstruction of governmental administration and resisting arrest. New Rochelle Police also arrested James R. Salerno, 31, of West Harrison, NY, Jan. 14 at North Avenue and The Boulevard. Salerno was charged with first-offense DWI.

Other Arrests: 

Cory M. Serisky, 50, 9B Defoe Place, Bronx, was arrested Jan. 19 and charged with petit larceny.

Randy J. Morales, 28, of New Rochelle, was arrested Jan. 20 and charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana.

Peter A. Graves, 39, of Scarsdale, was arrested Jan. 21 and charged with third-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal mischief.

Fahim M. Bey, 48, of Yonkers, was arrested Jan. 14 and charged with second-degree menacing, second-degree harassment, physical contact and fourth-degree possession of a weapon.

Jeffrey Y, Maldonado, 21, was arrested Jan. 22 and charged with first-offense DWI.

Contributed by Christine Arceneaux and Salahuddin Ahmed