New Rochelle Police Bust Marijuana Grow House in Store Basement

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New Rochelle Police Bust Marijuana Grow House in Store Basement

December 08, 2014 - 19:14

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle Police have raided a grow house located in the basement of a store at 384 North Avenue, based on reporting by Talk of the Sound.

Talk of the Sound learned of the operation while reporting on another story and brought the matter to the attention of the New Rochelle Building Department and New Rochelle Police Department. The store has an open building permit which provided the City grounds to inspect the premises. The building inspector notified the police of the illegal operation.

Police officers soon secured the scene, calling in a police department truck to load up and take away electrical equipment, lights, a thermometer, a sprayer, chemicals, planters, and other supplies.

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Police found one marijuana plant growing but sources tell Talk of the Sound were 6-8 plants growing there as recently as 2 days ago. Police on the scene said the planters were similar to ones found in dumpster behind an apartment on Davenport Avenue.

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The lease is held by Adbas AlSaidi, a Yemeni who has been in trouble recently with city officials for selling cigarettes without a New York State tax stamp out of his store at 149 North Avenue. Alsaidi was also fined for doing work on the storefront at 384 North Avenue without a building permit.

AlSaidi's store is known to police for drawing an unsavory crowd.

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A month ago, on November 7th, a man was shot in the face a few feet from the entrance to the store, in the area of Clinton Place and North Avenue. At about 9:30 p.m., witnesses reported hearing 5 shots fired and finding a trail of blood leading away from the scene.

The gunshot victim and target were both said to be known to police. The shooter was said to be known to the victim and target. Neither the victim or target cooperated with the police.

AlSaidi reportedly left the country several weeks ago, going back to his home country.

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The owner of the building spoke with Talk of the Sound. He said AlSaidi is a new tenant and acted suspiciously when he attempted to go into the basement to fix a water drainage issue.

"He would not let me walk around in the basement," said the owner, who asked not to be identified.

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Slideshow of Photos from the Scene:

UPDATE: The building owner has posted a notice of eviction.