New Rochelle Police Have A Busy Night With Monroe Students; "We've Lost Control of Our Students"

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New Rochelle Police Have A Busy Night With Monroe Students; "We've Lost Control of Our Students"

March 09, 2012 - 07:36

UPDATED with additional video.

The New Rochelle Police Department had there hands full with large groups of Monroe students leaving the Tropicana Nightclub located on North Avenue in New Rochelle. Police reported fights breaking out in and outside of the club.
Large crowds started to walk down North Avenue southbound towards Main Street with the New Rochelle Police keeping a large presence with as many as 10 Police units following the crowd.

The police closed down intersections as the crowd moved through them. As of 2:15 am there were two arrest's for disorderly conduct.

2:48 am New Rochelle Police receive a call from Monroe college security that students are fighting in a campus building located at 33 Echo Avenue and they can't control there own students and need Police help.

Another large crowd heading westbound on Main Street towards Locust Avenue throwing trash cans onto the streets.New Rochelle Police respond with 7 units leaving parts of the city unprotected.

During this same time period there was a police report that a group of people was attempting to break into the McDonald's on East Main Street.

Monroe College students have been gathering on Thursday at various locations in New Rochelle over the past several years. There have been occasional problems and related arrests.

UPDATED: EyeoNewRoc has confirmed that alcohol was being served at Tropicana at 440 North Avenue to students from Monroe College. Some in the crowd inside the bar began arguing with each other and getting loud. Employees in the club moved the crowd outside at which point a New Rochelle police officer, driving by the area, reported a "large 10-50" (altercation) in the street and asked for additional units. Additional units responded so that there were 8 police officers managing a crowd estimated to be about 150 people. The police closed the intersection of Lincoln and North and moved the crowd away from the area and towards Monroe College.

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One would have to wounder what the capacity is of the Tropicana Nightclub

Word on the street supports what Tom says. If this is true, all means from legal to organized citizen protests must be in order. It simply makes the point that we are locked into a power grid by the enablers up North.

I am contacting all NYS and US representatives to work towards ensuring this does not happen. Bob Cohen now resides in New Rochelle and this is a wonderful way to gain widespread support.

The time has come for City Counsel Districts 1,2,3,4 to unite in a non-partisan coalition of representatives to preserve and protect the integrity of our City as well as our reputation, tax structure, property values and so much more. Any of the aforementioned council members who approve such an action should resign and vacate the City.

The Jerome family has seeded the democratic party and our office holders with large contributions and has gained enormously. This gain has cost us in the proper development of the downtown business district as the enablers up north have recognize the availability of funding as well as Jerome's fidelity to NIMBY.

Again, you get the government you deserve as I posted in my blog, "You Get the Government You Deserve."

By now you should recognize that angry blogs, postings, and such get you nowhere. The crime rate is soaring.

Martin Sanchez in his Op Ed posting today mentioned a 62 acre site up north that could have qualified in his judgment for a DPW yard. Sounds like the site would easily qualify for a Monroe College site.

We are sick and tired of walking in fear downtown and up North Avenue. We are concerned that our neighbors up north do not seem to care enough to stand up and challenge this sort of creeping urban policy that I have warned about for several years. I mentioned it during the formulistic 3 minute talk you are permitted to give at once a month at a council meeting. YOu know, that is the one where Councilmember Fertel turns and talks to his closest colleague about who is at the podium or what they are saying, or maybe shares a bicycle tip or two.

Aren't you tired of this yet? Al Tarantino, Jared Rice, Lou Trangucci, Ivar Hydin, your moment is at hand. I am asking you to think outside of the parameters of your political party and for goodness sake, BAND together as a coalition to stop this drag on our growth or development. You have the power if you will spend time reading the City Charter/Code and you have had this for years.

I am pleading with any reader out there who has copies of referendum from the 1990a that articulated voter yeas or nays on the mayor, city council, or city manager, to post them or send them to me. I am sure that Bob Cox will be gracious enough to foreward them to me.

Brian, you may have something. I am asking all Neighborhood Associations, especially those most directly impacted by this potential action, and/ or who are generally concerned about the management of New Rochelle and who are tired of crime, neglect, and marginalization, to coalesce around the right things. If you don't, you must accept the fact that you too, "get the government you deserve."


I will find copies of the late 1980's and early 1990's referendums. I am sure I do have them somewhere.

I suspect Elaine Waltz also has a copy of the 1980's petition for referendum. I'd also suggest contacting her. That petition never actually went to a vote, but it was certainly filed with the City Clerk, who I believe, at that time, was Sal Generoso.

The City Clerk must have copies of the three 1990's referendums, two of which related to replacing the City Manager with an Exective Mayor, and all of which would have affected the composition of the City Council. All three of those referendums did go to a vote, and the NR Referendums' votes were monitored and counted not by the WBOE but rather by the NR CIty Clerk. As such, the NR City Clerk is compelled by deceny if not law, to maintain the historical records of those referendums.

I cite these other sources, although I probably will be able to find the late 1980's and early 1990's referendums. When I find them, I will certainly provide them to Warren and to TOTS.

Warren, Brian
You guys should have run for council against Tarrentino.
He stands with Bramson Rice and the others, Dont expect much from him, he wouldnt even support Trangucci and the last vote.

you make a strong and sadly, perhaps a valid point. I still wonder why the Democrats failed to put a candidate against him at the last election and have made the point that he will "support" relatively less important GOP initiatives, but when it comes to the more important, he is on the other side of the aisle.

The cost article is a weak one because it does not challenge the basic assumption that it could be flawed and that there is no reason to hasten the final decision and go through the expense of the bond issue knowing this.

Then there is the foolishness of "dirt is dirt" -- it isn't the case at all. Land is valued in terms of use. You might logically raise the question of why the City did not put a challenge to the Engineers, etal. to theorize alternative uses of both properties; say residential and commercial and come up with associate costs to each. It offers alternative uses and broadens the decision making process.

Tergis is a legitimate, decent man and I wonder what his views really are in terms of the costs associated with bringing the current site up to snuff. The site is no where as desperate as painted by the administration and simple competitive bidding would point that out.

Al Tarantino disappointed people before and I can remember Talners being picketed by our brave smokeeaters a few years earlier. Ask them why.

There is only one hope, one reality here and that is to demand that the council people south of the HS understand that their districts are radically different than up North and they should form a consolidated front to save New Rochelle.

Citizen can you even imagine if Tom J is correct and the oft-MOU real estate mid-City off North has been ceded to Marc Jerone and Monroe. So, this is the sort of issue Al would likely gravitate to the Democrats.

The community must gather en masse to save the City from becoming a graveyard for the hopes and aspirations of residents who remember a storied and honored place to recreate, dine and walk safely.

Noam is creating a NIMBY midtown wild west run by large scale donors who live elsewhere and have no interest in the restoration of New Rochelle. Tarantino, Trangucci, and Hydin are small business owners and Rice is familiar with what this entails.

There would no valid excuse to create what Martin Sanchez has labeled an Environmental Racism in the heart of the city we love. If we support, sanitize, renew and restore, we will have a renaissance of what hard working Americans of all colors, cultures, religious affiliations and otherwise have built, a non-Dr LIpow diverse community. Again, if the four council men do not put the brakes on this, they need to resign so they do not stain their moral imperative any longer.

Noam knows this is not a question of "windows of opportunity." You cannot tell me that such a window lets in the air of a Ratner and the octupii grasping of a Marc Jerome who has slid under the radar of most of you. Not me, I have pointed this threat out for two years, we call it "urban creep" in the trade. He silently, surreptuously acquirs property and gains the power position in BID.

You don't read much about BID here and elsewhere because they are squirreled away in Westchester Place and watch silently as prior deals in both Avalons, Trump Tower, etc. are rotting away. BID has done nothing to report to us, work with the them to stem the tide; they have become a nesting ground largely, actually a dormitory for Monroe and Iona.

Noam blames the economy for much of our ills while ignoring the basic facts I reported under "You Get the Government You Deserve." Others have done yeomen work in the past in doing the same.

Painfully we have only one institutionalized hope at this point in time and it rests with the Council to challenge the enabler power struggle and begin the long climb back from the abyss.

You cant fix stupid!

I sure hope incidents like this are not forgotten when the City Council considers the issue of modifying cabaret license restrictions for downtown later this month. Just days before this Tropicana incident, I read City Council quotes suggesting that young people need a place to go dancing into the late hours in downtown New Rochelle and that we need to make our laws regarding licensing less restrictive. At first, I thought the quotes were parody, but then I realized they were serious! For example, just days before the Tropicana incident, Councilwoman Shari Rackman of District 6 said she was concerned that cabaret license restrictions might make it easy to shut down night clubs and harder for them to open, explaining “If we want young people to move here we should offer dancing and nicer night clubs providing entertainment,” and ““New Rochelle is not a ‘eat out heavy’ City—you must have dancing and bars to stay in business.”

Seriously? Are our memories so short that we have forgotten about the clubs we were finally able to get rid of by enacting these tougher restrictions? Were we better of with the past proliferation of clubs we used to have on North Avenue and Main Street, from the Palace to Streets, to Club Hollywood, to the Palladium, to Carib, etc., etc., etc? Take all the money the BID spends on enhancing New Rochelle's marketing and image and throw it down the toilet when we have incidents like this. I had the pleasure of coming home late from NY on the train on the night in question and then driving through my "hometown" at around 2 am on North Avenue and was met with police officers, sirens, large crowds walking in the middle of the street, or wherever else they chose to walk, and barricades in the middle of the road.

Perhaps Councilwoman Rackman would like to get on the Tropicana’s invitation list and come down from District 6 to the Club the next time it is hopping to see if she can find a patron or two with whom she can do the waltz. Please let’s not lose the progress we have made by incorrectly thinking we need to make New Rochelle more cabaret friendly.

they be coverin up the rapes that be goin on der. Da po po betta look into dat too..

when is the unspoken of, ' monroe hotel ' opening up on main st & lecount pl ?

It's clear much of the crime in downtown New Rochelle is committed by a good majority of the Monroe College students. These kids have no care whatsoever for New Rochelle. In addition, we do not want any nightclubs here, and if there were any, the monroe kids don't have any money to spend there. These monroe kids are low income gang members who carry guns, knives, and drugs. The mayor needs to stop catering to these fraudulent barnacles. We have enough nonsense going on here....