New Rochelle Police Officer Arrested by Westchester County District Attorney on Charges of Transmitting Sexual Images of Himself to a "15 Year Old GIrl"

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New Rochelle Police Officer Arrested by Westchester County District Attorney on Charges of Transmitting Sexual Images of Himself to a "15 Year Old GIrl"

September 12, 2012 - 01:43



New Rochelle Police Officer Matthew Melillo was arrested today by investigators of the Westchester County District Attorney's Office on charges related to Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor, videos of himself in a sexual act, sources say.

The sources say Melillo transmitted videos of himself engaged in a sexual act to what he believed to be 15 year-old girl. The "girl" was an undercover criminal investigator working for the Westchester County District Attorney.

"We were notified yesterday by the DA's office of the arrest of Officer Melillo," said New Rochelle City Manager Charles B. Strome. "He has been suspended without pay for 30 days."

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore statement:

Matthew Melillo, 31, 475 North Avenue, New Rochelle, New York, was arraigned on a Felony Complaint charging him with one count of Attempted to Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor, a class “E” Felony.

Between August 3rd, and August 29th, 2012, the defendant engaged an undercover investigator from the Westchester County District Attorneys Office in a series of “chat” conversations through the Internet.

Throughout the “chats” the undercover investigator made it clear that “she” was a fifteen year old girl.

During that period of time the defendant discussed various specific sexual acts in which he would engage the “fifteen year old girl.”

Additionally, the defendant sent a video he claimed to be of himself in a sexual situation while he was “chatting” with the fifteen year old.

The defendant was arrested yesterday by investigators from the Westchester County District Attorneys office.

The defendant was arraigned by a White Plains City Court judge last night. Bail was set at $1,000. He is scheduled to appear today in City Court. The defendant faces a maximum sentence of four years in state prison.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Delohery, Chief of the High Technology Crime Bureau, is prosecuting the case.

New Rochelle Police Detective Captain Joseph Schaller statement:

Yesterday afternoon we were notified by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office that they had arrested a New Rochelle Police Department employee, Police Officer Matthew Melillo, charging him with Attempted Dissemination of Indecent Material to a Minor.

Officer Melillo has been employed by the Department for the past eight years. He was employed as Community Service Officer from 2004 to 2010, and has been employed as a Police Officer from July 2010 to the present.

Prior to this incident, the Department has never received any reports of misconduct involving Officer Melillo either on duty of off duty; nor, has the Department ever received any information, otherwise, to lead it to suspect Officer Melillo of engaging in any misconduct. Officer Melillo has been suspended from the Department pending investigation into this matter.

The District Attorney's office is using the address of New Rochelle police headquarters in their statement rather than his home address because he is a police officer.

Investigators from the District Attorney's office did not inform the City of New Rochelle or the New Rochelle Police Department of the investigation of one of their officers until an arrest was made yesterday afternoon at about 4:30 p.m. at Melillo's home in New Rochelle's East End. Soon after the arrest, DA Investigators were on scene at NRPD headquarters searching Melillo's locker and checking computers, sources say.

Melillo graduated from the Westchester County Police Academy in December 2010.

According to the Stepinac alumni web site, Melillo graduated from Stepinac High School in 1998. He played football for the school.

Melillo is just the latest in a series of public employees alleged to have engaged in various sex crimes involving students and district employees: Marisa Anton (Librarian, New Rochelle High School), Patrick Clark (Electrician, Buildings & Grounds Department) Anthony Newman (Glazier, Buildings & Grounds Department), Donna Henry (New Rochelle School Security Guard), Leroy Manuel (New Rochelle School Security Guard), Robert McLean (New Rochelle School Security Guard), Kyle Figueroa (New Rochelle School Security Guard), Walter Hubbard (New Rochelle School Janitor).

In 2010, Jose Martinez plead guilty to repeatedly sexually assaulting a student in his office at Isaac E. Young Middle School. Despite promises to do so, the New Rochelle Board of Education never conducted an investigation into the Martinez case nor made the results public.

UPDATE: Mellilo was arraigned in White Plains City Court on Tuesday night before Judge Brian Hansbury. He plead "not guilty". Bail was set at $1,000 which he made.


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Talk of the Sound broke this story Tuesday night thanks to tips from helpful readers, we had the story exclusively until around 11 am the next morning when the DA's office issued a press statement at which point many local outlets picked up the story. Thanks to all the TOTS Tipsters!

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Another reason this city has seen its best days.
It is a shame that the entire police force has to bear the stigma of public distrust because of a few members.
Maybe the hiring standards need to be raised. That is unless the liberals start crying.
A police officer should be held to the highest of physical and mental standards of any occupation.
But alas no. We would rather hire people who would abuse the power entrusted to them, or be five foot two and overweight.
The public cannot respect the badge if the person wearing it doesn't have the appearance or the mental ability to respect it themselves.
Hey Warren, here's another windmill for you to charge.

Good idea. why don't you join me if your wrist isn't too limp from scrolling down.

you got a name, post it. Maybe the cop would like to know it as well.

If you disagree with anything I say, say what it is. Don't hide. How can a little ol' man who knows his name and puts it out there be any threat to the Queen him or her self.

Come on Warren...This City is a mess!

Between myself and all my ancestors born and raised here which would be well over 200 years you have to kiddin' to think New Rochelle is ok?

The corruption, well, when is it all going to end?

What is the basis for your comment?

New Rochelle is a sewer, a steaming dog pile of a sewer.

While I can't speak to the situation with the cop, what about Queen City's post got you so incensed?

You know New Rochelle is finished, yet you think it can be restored. Your idealism is as valid (not in my opinion, of course) as the pessimism of those who believe New Rochelle is beyond redemption.

Why the attack on Queen City? I'm curious.

This is my last word on the matter. Why the attack You simply have to read his statement on the cop and seee. It should be clear. Waht the hell do I have to do with Melillo.

I haven't posted about the issue at all. Last posting I made had to do with my long and painful examination into myself, my life, my City.

This person who has apparently per TOTS records has been a member for 3 years and 51 days about as long as I have been here. You can search the records and will find very little, maybe nothing, about this poster prior to several weeks earlier wehen he or she attacked me for being too verbose, etc. Fair enough.

But he or she pops up out of the blue and associates me with a posting that is going on the topic of tilting at windmills again.

Not fair enough. Queen City is likely an additional pseuedonym for an existing poster or we would have seen much more from him or her over the past close to four years. So I got angry at the reply and wonder why in the name of whatever you believe in would someone start rambling about 5 foot 240 cops, etc.

USED I have been wrestling with the entire question of my self, my spirt and posted "Primum, etc.... You see I really mean what I say i intend to make a real difference, a contribution. If I cannot or lose that faith, I will shut the hell up and move out of New Rochelle.

So, you can simply read as little as this situation with the patrolman or more. It is up to you. I actually went against myself; in large part because I like some of you just go through weeks of watching the continuous breakdown of our political system at the convention, plus on site memories of 9.11 and then, the riots and deaths of more fine Americans and othrers in Libya and maybe Egypt and Yemen to come. It was capped off yesterday at the post City Council meeting with too many negative comments again, especially the type I hate.... "I love the diversity in New Rochelle, but...... Queen City loves the New Rochelle police but......

This has gone too far for me. Cox writes a story and you can count on him to get the story right. It doesn't look good for this man; but one thing you can count on if that is the case, his most severe problems will be with his officer colleagues.

I respect the rule of law and as a serviceman from 1957 - 1963, etc. I understand that police are indipsnesible; essentially a sort of paramilitary force and we are damn lucky to have them.

How this has gotten to the point where Queen City appends my name to h/her post and you pipe in that you what to hear where I stand, I answered that often and I was hoping emphatically in Primum non nocere. Maybe not.

I believe simply in the necessity of trying to change the system as much as possible. Few of you out there do. Actually you make matters worse; the more you criticize, offer no help, no support, the easier it becomes for people, especially politicians, to ignore you, to fight you by every means necessary. There are very few Bob McCaffreys in TOTS that are people who want to change the system and sign their name to that idea.

I am going to work as hard as I can with people who believe as I do that we can make a difference. It is as simple as that.

The time has come to stop posting but continue reading. I am who I am and you know it by now. I will be a faithful reader of Talk of the Sound, advocate it as much as I can, read all views, and pass on any I believe to conform to the healing of New Rochelle.

Simply put USED, my spirit, my soul as strange as that may sound to you and offensive as it sounds to Queen City, compel me to work for positive change; expect disappointment, but you can bet on one thing; I will tilt at this windmill and it will yield to some degree

Queen City...You are right on the money with your comments!

New Rochelle is a mess!

not with the cops. Especially one cop amongst many who risk their lives every day in a city that doesn't give them the respect they are due, along with the firefighters who also deserve our thanks.

When all the politicians in City Hall are cleaned out, then perhaps New Rochelle can see better days.

Since you and I KNOW that will never happen, New Rochelle will never see better days. Never. Ever.

A ghost town for over 30 years ain't coming back.

Here we go again New Rochelle!

This is what is protecting us? How do WE protect ourselves from them?

New Rochelle's Finest? Chalk up another disaster for this one beautiful City!

That is to say, before all this crap came in!!!!

"Officer Melillo has been suspended from the Department pending investigation into this matter."

With or with out pay?

Robert Cox's picture

No mystery here -- just read a little more closely next time.

You were quoting from the NRPD statement which came out a little later. The comment from the City Manager came out about an hour or so earlier and was the first quote up on the site officially confirming the arrest (even before the DA's office).

"He has been suspended without pay for 30 days."

Maybe Warren had a bad day,

Oldtime, Chalk up another disaster for this one beautiful country. Don’t forget the rest of the world! This is not just something that is going on here in New Rochelle.

Queencity, Another reason this city has seen its best days. This officer was charged with nothing related to his work or the city. This is a worldwide epidemic, just open the newspaper or turn on the TV. Sex related crime and stupidity are all around us.

N/Rused, when all the politicians in City Hall are cleaned out, then perhaps New Rochelle can see better days. This I have to agree with.

Maybe the “New Rochelle Citizens' Panel on Sustainable Budgets” needs to start by looking at staff and service cuts with in the walls and halls of City Hall as their first priority. However, they will of course protect the people that appointed them to the committee in the first place. You can’t have your own accountants review and audit the books, it just doesn’t work. I haven’t read the report yet but if the first clip about the old reliable fallbacks, scare tactic of suggesting again, I say suggesting, proposed cuts that include police, fire department manning, end to public subsidies for several recreation programs. The only employee compensations that should be touch are that of the Mayor, City Manager, City Staff and many others at City Hall that should be lowered or removed all together.

New Rochelle is a mess, but it can be saved if all of the negative posters would work toward a better city with the rest of us instead of throwing in the towel and bad mouthing those of us that are trying to instill change. It can and will be done I promise you. Yes, New Rochelle has been in bad shape for a long time. It will probably get worse before it gets better. That doesn’t mean New Rochelle can’t be saved. These days, even the dead can be resuscitated and brought back from the edge. You never give up. If our fore fathers had given up when things got tough, we would not have a New Rochelle or a United States for that matter.

Mrs. Obama said," It is your values and vision that make you who you are. Do the right thing, work like never before, stand together and walk together. “Do the things that are hard especially because they are hard.”

There is a chance and you can actually see some wheels turning in some of the City Council members heads if you take the time to get involved. Channel your negativity and energy to a better place. By your negative thinking and position, the people in charge have you right where they want you. In a frame of mind that you don’t care so they have the opportunity to take full control of what is ours. It’s Our City and We want it Now!

“Common sense for the Common Good”

when they try to deflect the problem from themselves and turn it around on the citizens. Have you ever seen that, where smarmy politicians stir up a group of morons with boondoggling? You wouldn't think it would work, but it does. That's why they get paid the big bucks.

Nope, it's not negativity or 'bemoaning', it's the TRUTH. New Rochelle has been a sewer for more than 30 years now, if you want to believe it will turn around - as I've said to Warren - good for you. We need optimists in this world, keep on believing the crooks will ever leave town.

Now, if you want a definition of 'negative', that would apply to those trying to paint broad strokes over the entire police department because of one cop.

The police and firefighters of New Rochelle risk their lives everyday. THEY deserve our respect, not the crooks in City Hall.

Yeah!!! Ok!!!

The Judicial System is a JOKE. What kind of message is a $1,000 bail sending. This man is a sexual predator. He thought he was speaking to a 15 year old girl. That is SICK.

The holier-than-thou New Rochelle police department takes a blow to their reputation. Only about 15 more to go and it'll be cleaned up. Good to see one of the abusive bastards get what they deserve. But isn't it funny how dirtbag DiFiore has published his address as the police department's address? Only to help him anyway they can. And $1000 bail? What a joke.

hey quatroni your name says it all.a dope.why cant you make an educated comment cause your not we know.15 more to go is another stupid statement.just stick to the facts and not loop everybody in.where is he gonna go on $1000 bail. hes not a flight risk. and if were you you would want the right to a fair trial.even though the conviction rate for those crimes are 100% cause when they get you they had you about 10 times before and watched you for a while.but none the less let it take its course then bash the guy and keep it to just him not everyone in a uniform.cause im sure the day comes and someone breaks into your house and threatens to hurt you you will dial 911 not anyone else.and when your having tht heart attack in the middle of the night and the firemen have to wake up along with the ambulance the cop will be there with a stop talking out of your ass.say something inteligent for once just once