New Rochelle Public Hearing Notice City Manager’s Budget Estimate - Year 2013


NOTICE is hereby given that the City Council of the City of New Rochelle, New York, will hold a Public Hearing in accordance with the provisions of Section 110 of the City Charter, in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, New York, on Tuesday, December 4, 2012, at 7:30 P. M.., on the City Manager’s Budget Estimate for the Year 2013.

City of New Rochelle
2013 Proposed Budget Estimate Summary

General Fund
Real Property Taxes $53,183,972
Sales Tax $24,800,000
Federal & State Aid $9,162,219
Other $27,003,995
Appropriated Fund Balance $750,000
Total $114,900,186

General Government Support $10,365,336
Public Safety $57,668,531
Public Works $20,297,683 Parks, Recreation, Youth & Aging $4,954,346
Other $12,702,742 Transfers to other Funds & Debt Service $8,911,548
Total $114,900,186
2012 Tax Levy = $50,580,008
2013 Proposed Tax Levy = $53,398,946
Levy Increase = 5.57%
2012 Tax Rate = $185.53 per $1,000 AV
2013 Proposed Tax Rate = $198.509 per $1,000 AV
Tax Rate Increase = 6.99%

A report identifying the numbers, types and impacts of property tax exemptions granted by the City of New Rochelle and payments in lieu of taxes expected to be received from these exempted properties can be found on the City’s website or in the proposed City budget for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2013.

By order of the City Council dated October 16, 2012 , pursuant to Resolution No. 161 duly adopted.

All persons interested are invited to attend said Public Hearing or submit written communications to the City Clerk at or before the Public Hearing. A copy of the proposed 2013 Budget can be found on the City’s website

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