New Rochelle Resident Organize's Help Trip

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New Rochelle Resident Organize's Help Trip

November 13, 2012 - 17:02

New Rochelle resident Vin Parise sent a message to his friends on Facebook and got a big response to help out people in need from Sandy. The following is what he put on Facebook.the event took place this past weekend.

Hey Everyone,
I know it is short notice but I am organizing a bus of volunteers to
head to Breezy Point to help a family & their neighborhood with
Hurricane Sandy cleanup. This community has lost so much and need a
lot of help. They are currently overloaded with donations but do not
have nearly enough manpower.

We will be leaving at 9:30 am Sat. morning from New Rochelle &
returning late afternoon around 4:00 pm.

The cost is $20 per person, which will help pay for the bus & a good
amount of the supplies that he will purchase at Home Depot.

We are taking the first 30 people - so please message Vin Parise or
Amy Torigian Parise via Facebook if you are interested.

Please wear work clothing & high boots because it's muddy & dirty down there.

They will provide food & water for volunteers. We will have a great
time & help out a lot of people!

Bus leaves: 33 President St. New Rochelle, NY 10801 at 9:30 am Saturday.

Thanks so much & God Bless all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy
and those of are helping in the relief efforts.

Vin organized this in less than 48 hours on Facebook and the response from New Rochelle was great he said.
Below is his thank you letter to all that helped out.

Hey everyone,

Thank you to everyone who made it down to Breezy Point yesterday on
the bus. We helped many people and were fortunate enough to see the
spirit of this special place up close and personal. Whether it was the
young couple who had just bought their house 14 months ago, or the 70
year old woman who's been there her entire life, this place is
committed to a comeback & making Breezy better than ever.

Thank you to my sister Diana, Jay Judge, Katie Boyd, Jen Mruk, Kristen
Palmieri, Peter Michael, Ali Mudano, Stephen Morris, Linda Morris,
Shae Morris, Justin Gundelach, Karen Ann Sotallaro, Kerby Lewis,
Tracey Lewis, Fil Danielli, Jacob Dawson, Leo Febbraro, Kerry Powers,
Kristina Caldararo, Lisa Atkins, Nicholas Scaramuzzo, Matt Scaramuzzo,
Richard Dagostino, Mike Mauti, Christian Lomas & of course my wife

Special thanks to:

*John & Monica Judge, Jamie Fogarty, Sam Tolisano & Adrian Wojnarowski
for their special donations to our day.

*My sister's friends Cindy Volk, Dana Sullivan & the rest of the
Arlington teachers for their thoughtful donations.

*My father Mario for providing so many of the supplies we used yesterday.

*Thank you to everyone who sent along donations for us to bring down to Breezy.

*Thank you to Ryan Woerner for helping us coordinate with Mike
McDerby's family which got the ball rolling on the day.

*And lastly, to Amy Parise & my father-n-law Gary Torigian for all of
the support that 'Butterflies from Jodie'-The Jodie Torigian
Charitable Fund gave us yesterday.

Most of us were from New Rochelle, but some woke up very early and
drove many miles to make that morning bus yesterday. Thanks again for
making this happen & this was a perfect example of how Facebook &
Social Media can make great things happen on very short notice!

Awesome job by all of you & God Bless everyone still suffering because
of Hurricane Sandy.

-- Vin Parise

Mr.Parise did a great job and all the people who went or sent donations did so to. New Rochelle is a great place to live and it shows. The people of New Rochelle really come together when people are in need.
Thanks Vin