New Rochelle Student Housing Business Registration Property List and Google Map

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New Rochelle Student Housing Business Registration Property List and Google Map

October 07, 2016 - 15:49
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List is from the City of New Rochelle Student Housing Registration System, current as of October 4, 2016. These properties are based on applications received. The City is in the process of validating applications so certificates can be issued.

New Rochelle Student Housing Map (see list below)

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Talk of the Sound has obtained the list of properties registered so far New Rochelle Student Housing Business Registration program, approved by the City Council last summer to go into effect this fall.

The new ordinance requires all Student Housing businesses to register no later than September 30 of each year. Each year’s registration expires on May 31 with new registration required each year beginning on June 1.There is no fee to register; however, failure to comply with with the ordinance could result in penalties.

The purpose of the Student Housing Business Registration program is to create a directory of structures housing three or more students in an effort to protect the safety of students from overcrowding situations and to mitigate any negative impacts such uses may have on the surrounding neighborhoods. All owners of one-family, two-family, three-family or multiple-family dwellings that house three or more students attending or registered to attend a college or university, or who are on a semester or summer break from studies at a college or university, are required to register.

Talk of the Sound obtained the list, updated as of October 4th, under a Freedom of Information request

As of the first deadline, property owners registered 33 properties. There are covered properties that have not been registered, according to City officials.

Lisa Davis told Talk of the Sound that the New Rochelle Student Housing Registration System is a work in progress.

Talk of the Sound is publishing the list along with a Google Map based on the list so residents have a quick and easy resource to check whether a property in their neighborhood which may be required to register is registered. It is out intention to update the list periodically.

Residences with any concerns or questions are advised to contact New Rochelle Business Ambassador Lisa Davis who can be reached at 914-654-2189 or [email protected].

City of New Rochelle Launches Student Housing Business Registration Program

Student Housing Business Registration LIst

  • 11 1st Street
  • 12 5th Avenue
  • 18 5th Avenue
  • 186 Baraud Road
  • 164 Brookdale Avenue
  • 75 Chauncey Avenue
  • 83 Chauncey Avenue
  • 51 Clinton Avenue
  • 15 Clove Road
  • 22 Clove Road
  • 32 Coligni Avenue
  • 48 Coligni Avenue
  • 52 Coligni Avenue
  • 91 Coligni Avenue
  • 22 Crestview Place
  • 42 Dewey Avenue
  • 30 Eastchester Road
  • 10 Fifth Avenue
  • 21 Fountain Place
  • 67 Halcyon Terrace
  • 36 Hillside Avenue
  • 36 Hillside Avenue
  • 48 Hilltop Avenue
  • 63 Howard Parkway
  • 24 Hubert Place
  • 29 Lorenz Avenue
  • 74 Mayflower Avenue
  • 585 North Avenue
  • 616 North Avenue
  • 626 North Avenue
  • 730 North Avenue
  • 730 North Avenue
  • 766 North Avenue