New Rochelle Winter Storm Response Underway

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New Rochelle Winter Storm Response Underway

January 21, 2014 - 21:21

New Rochelle, NY -- New Rochelle Department of Public Works crews are out covering 13 routes City wide plus four garbage trucks with plows and Sanders behind them for major roadways -- North Avenue, Main Street, Quaker Ridge Road, and Pinebrook Boulevard.

"We have arranged our shift staffing to maintain general coverage of plowing operations throughout today and this evening, and to allow for garbage collection tomorrow as scheduled," said New Rochelle DPW Commissioner Alex Tergis.

Turgis said this would allow the DPW to have their largest workforce shift start at Midnight to maximize cleanup efforts through the day tomorrow.

Road salt was an issue during the last storm when the City did not receive an expected allotment from the New York State consortium which supplies to municipalities in the area.

"With recent deliveries we have approximately 1500 tons of fresh material," said Tergis.

NOTE: we are awaiting further updates and will post them here.

UPDATE: City of New Rochelle

Due to inclement weather, tonight's City Council meeting has been cancelled. The Doyle Senior Center is closed this afternoon.

UPDATE: City of New Rochelle 7:41 PM

Tergis "We have scheduled round the clock coverage. The only change is that a longer and/or heavier storm will drag out our cleanup efforts."

UPDATE: United Water

United Water has issued a statement on today's winter storm that could bring significant snow and severe cold to the region.

“Our priority is to keep the water flowing, despite any conditions that may arise. We have been carefully monitoring the weather and taking necessary action to protect the integrity of our facilities and water supplies,” said Michael Pointing, vice president and general manager, United Water New York Division. “Our emergency crews remain on standby 24 hours a day to respond to any situation that may arise."

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Homeowners can also take steps to avoid frozen pipes and water meters on their properties during this severe cold weather. It is extremely important to insulate household piping to protect against cold drafts in unheated spaces. Even a small draft can cause freezing. It's the homeowner's responsibility to protect all piping inside the property lines—as well as the water meter—from frost damage. Water meters located in unheated cabinets, garages and basements can be wrapped in insulating materials or even newspapers as a temporary measure. Pipes exposed to severe temperatures can be wrapped with heating tape which can be purchased at most hardware stores. Freezing temperatures can destroy a meter, which would have to be replaced at the customer's expense.
Thaw Frozen Pipes

Partial water service in a home indicates that the freeze is located in a pipe somewhere in the house. A complete lack of water service can be the result of a frozen water meter or a frozen pipe leading from the water main in the street to the house. A meter or water pipe that feels extremely cold is most likely frozen.

It's important to clear frozen blockages as soon as possible to minimize the danger of pipes bursting. The resulting leak could cause serious property damage. Thaw pipes and meters by applying hot air from a hair dryer, electric heater, or by using a heating pad. Open a water valve slightly so that it will be apparent when thawing has occurred. Under no circumstances should hot water or a blow torch be used on a frozen pipe or water meter. The intense heat could cause the very break the customer is trying to prevent, and a blow torch presents a serious safety hazard.

Keep Fire Hydrants Clear

When water is needed to battle a fire, it is imperative that firefighters locate a fire hydrant immediately. Residents can assist in this important effort by clearing snow away from hydrants near their property. This will enable the fire department to have quick access to connections in case of emergencies.

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For More Information

United Water New York customers can get updated information by calling 845-623-1500 or by visiting
United Water New Rochelle customers can get updated information by calling 914-632-6900 or by visiting
United Water Westchester customers can get updated information by calling 877-266-9101 or by visiting