New Rochelle's First and Only Walgreen's Set to Close July 30, Former Home of Thruway Diner


NewRochelleWalgreensNEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Walgreen's has confirmed that will close their story at 810 N. Main Street in New Rochelle on July 30th.

"Walgreens has operated this store for about 5 years and the decision to close it was not easy," said Walgreen's spokesperson Phil Caruso in an email to Talk of the Sound.

"Prescription files will automatically transfer to the CVS store about 2 minutes away at 16 Weyman Avenue," said Caruso. "The CVS Pharmacy is the nearest location and we want to ensure our patients have nearby access to pharmacy services."

Caruso said customers do not need take action, the transfer to CVS is automatic.

"We felt this was the least inconvenience for our customers."

The nearest Walgreens is located about three miles away at 222nd Street and Boston Post Road in Bronx. The company expects to place the majority of that store’s employees in jobs at other area stores.

ThurwayDinerFor many years, the Walgreen's site was the home of the Thruway Diner.

A new diner is currently under construction across the street.

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John Imburgia on Thu, 07/31/2014 - 10:56

This would make a great spot for a new Thruway Diner. Who ever granted the Thruway Diner the permission to build where they are building now should be tarred and feathered. The traffic there is horrible and this will only make it worse.

Brian Sussman on Tue, 07/29/2014 - 22:24

So it turns out that the Thruway Diner was destroyed for no beneficial reason, a great loss for New Rochelle.

Prior to that, Caruso's Lumberama was destroyed because Home Depot insisted they needed that property for an alternate entrance to their parking lot.

That claim was a lie, because now, that 'necessary' entrance is being replaced by another diner.

City Hall is now telling us that they will have to destroy the Armory, and to move City Yard to Beechwood, and that is their current lies.

None of this has occurred to improve New Rochelle, and all of it has occurred as corporate welfare.

John Imburgia on Thu, 07/31/2014 - 10:59

For once, I agree with you Brian.

Anthony Galletta on Wed, 07/30/2014 - 14:04

I couldn't agree more!!!!

John D'Alois on Wed, 07/30/2014 - 03:44

Clear, concise and to the point. Moreover, a testament to the failed policies of administrations, past and present, and their inability to forge a healthy direction for a city that inherently has all it needs to be successful. It's time to stop trading public subsidy for private profits. New Rochelle deserves better.
Good job, write less and say more

Ken Lewis on Tue, 07/29/2014 - 14:09

If we could only get the New Dinner in progress to serve up both their food offering and dispense scripts.
Then we could follow along the great New Rochelle tradition and either open up a Church or a Dollar store in the current Walgreens location.

John Imburgia on Thu, 07/31/2014 - 11:00

I'm thinking, if the food is really bad at the Thruway Diner it will create the need for a Walgreens where people can buy stomach medication.

Amy Heyman's picture
Amy Heyman on Mon, 07/28/2014 - 23:21

Apparently the spokesperson for Walgreen's is unaware that their neighbor on Weyman Avenue (CVS) is closed...........soon to become a Best Friends dog boarding facility.

Nancy Valdovinos on Fri, 08/01/2014 - 13:03

The CVS pharmacy you speak of is not closed. There is a space available for rent right next to it (14 weyman ave) which is where that boarding facility you speak of maybe opening. I am currently employed at the CVS on weyman. Calls made to Walgreens are being automatically redirected to our store.

Elaine Waltz on Thu, 07/31/2014 - 18:08

According to our councilman, the Vet is going into the back of the building, CVS is staying where it is.

John Imburgia on Thu, 07/31/2014 - 11:02

That dog facility will wind up going to the dogs in short order.

Robert Cox's picture
Robert Cox on Wed, 07/30/2014 - 16:38


I sent your comment to their spokesperson. No reply.

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