New Rochelle's Leading News Site Talk of the Sound Hits 1 Million Reader Mark

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New Rochelle's Leading News Site Talk of the Sound Hits 1 Million Reader Mark

December 23, 2011 - 19:32

TalkoftheSound 1000000Talk of the Sound, the leading news outlet in New Rochelle, NY, hit the 1 million reader mark today. Talk of the Sound gets between 45,000 and 60,000 unique visitors a month and serves up 125,000 to 150,000 a month. The Site was officially launched on September 1, 2008. The site is now fast approaching 3 million page views. You can track traffic to Talk of the Sound on Sitemeter or view the Sitemeter widget in the right rail of the home page. From those early days of 100 readers a month in 2008, Talk of the Sound has grown to become the largest and most influential media outlet in New Rochelle. Stories originating on Talk of the Sound are routinely picked up by media outlets throughout the New York metropolitan area. Many stories have received national and even international coverage. Talk of the Sound extends it holiday greetings and wishes for a prosperous New Year to all of our loyal readers. Thank you for your support in reaching this wonderful milestone!

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I have no doubt, that as the readers start to read my Christmas Greeting to the City, you'll absolutely surpass the 1 million mark. A million dollars would be nice, but a million readers ain't bad either. Merry Christmas and congratualtions (again) on the milestone. Thanks Bob!

HO HO HO Meeerrrrrrrrry Christmas

1,000,000 unique visitors! Not bad for a website who's detractors religiously claim no one visits!

Clearly, the opposite is the case and Talk of the Sound has blossomed into the only media outlet one can turn to if they're looking for researched investigative journalism and opinionated editorials rooted in passion and truth. 

Congratulations to all the parties involved! 

1,000,000! Wow!

Congrats to Bob Cox and all the TOTS bloggers who care enough to make a difference. I wish everyone a Merry Holiday and a Happy, HEALTHY New Year. Here's to the second 1,000,000!!!

Bob:  As I celebrate this Christmas Day and season, I have been conversing with people who tell me they read Talk of the Sound.  Congratulations on reaching your 1 million mark. Now it is time to try to reach two million.

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From time to time I like to check the position Talk of the Sound holds in Google for the keyword "New Rochelle". For a variety of reasons it is possible that what I see on my computer may not be the same on other computers because I search while logged in to Google and I visit the site often and that gets tracked, I think.

I would appreciate some help from readers in this regard.

Please do me the favor of searching the keyword New Rochelle in Google on your computer and then count how far we are from the top of the list. You will see an entry with a map and other links about New Rochelle; don't count that one because it is not exactly a search result.

Here is what  the Top 10 on my computer looks like for New Rochelle in Google.

1. City of New Rochelle

2. Wikipedia: New Rochelle

3. Downtown BID

4. New Rochelle High School

5. City School District of New Rochelle

6. Sound Shore Medical Center

7. Talk of the Sound

8. Topix: New Rochelle

9. College of New Rochelle

10. New Roc City

Please let me know how Talk of the Sound shows up on your computer when you search Google for New Rochelle.

Post a comment below this by hitting "reply".


Searching New Rochelle on Google produces a warning that states - 

Warning, Google  servers cannot handle all the information for New Rochelle - Please go directly to for any and all information about new rochelle :-)

Other than that, the listing is as follows

City of New Rochelle



NR High School



NR downtown

New Roc

Talk of the Sound

...consider(ed) the source

Happy New Year!


2. maps google

3. wikipedia







P.S. - Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and great info!  It's more than informative, it's unbelievable at times!  Great job!

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Thanks for checking. Just so folks know, the Google Maps for New Rochelle is not a "search result" per se. Also, Google has a partnership with Wikipedia and automatically places Wikipedia at the top of the results.

In any case, what I am hearing and seeing is that Talk of the Sound is either #7 or #8 on a day to day basis (these things do fluctuate a bit). The important thing is that we are firmly in the Top 10. That is very important because only 1% of the time does a Google user bother to click over to Page 2. 99% of the time they find what they want or they create a new search.

This also means that any searches based on New Rochelle + some other keyword will often return Talk of the Sound in the search results.

Overall, this is excellent news.