New York State Approves Third Full-Time Judge for City Court of New Rochelle


NewImageNEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New York State has amended the Uniform City Court Act and the Judiciary Law, in relation to judges of city courts, giving the City Court of New Rochelle in the 9th Judicial District an additional position of full-time judge, replacing the local courts one part-time position.

Anthony A. Carbone is currently a part-time judge on the City Court of New Rochelle. Gail B. Rice and Susan I. Kettner are the two full-time judges currently on the court.

While no official decision has been announced, reliable sources tell Talk of the Sound that Carbone will be appointed to the full-time position which comes into effect on April 1, 2014

The actual law is a little hard to follow so if anyone can explain the language of this amended law please let me know and I will add further clarification.

Here is a PDF from McKinney's: 2014-01-22 (2).pdf

The law reads "city court judge of New Rochelle who serves in the office that was created during the calendar year commencing January first, two thousand thirteen and the city court judge of such city who serves in the office that on January first, two thousand thirteen was an appointive office pursuant to this subparagraph."

Not sure what that means but what I am told is that the Mayor appoints the person to the full-time position and that Noam Bramson will appoint Carbone for the remainder of what is now a full-time position -- two years -- after which another appointment will be made which may or not be Carbone.

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