Noam B Auditions for Saturday Night Live

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Noam B Auditions for Saturday Night Live

August 28, 2013 - 15:42

I am not sure what the "legal" aspects are but TOTS you have to post Noam's advertisement on this site. It made me laugh so hard I thought it was an SNL skit, I was looking for Andy Samburg in the background.

I hope he did not hurt himself with his concerned look while staring down that handgun. I bet he using his mind waves to see if he could bend it. (btw Republican Negrin is for handgun control as well)

I had wondered why Noam has been in New Ro politics for so long and after viewing the commercial I can see why. He is not a big leaguer.

Can you imaging how low HE (and HE alone according to the ad) would have kept taxes in New Ro if he accepted any Trangucci/Tarantino suggestions? How low did he keep New Ro FEES? (i.e. garbage fee, the ever changing safety valve for keeping taxes low)

Yes, I am no longer a New Ro resident but with friends and family residing in Westchester County I still hope for the best.

Miss you New Ro.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bramson campaign video added.

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Hi Bruce,

You are surely missed. Do you think Noam will win an Academy Award?

Hope you are enjoying your new location. You have to admit there is no place like New Rochelle.

The best to you and your family.

That commercial really brought a tear to my eye.